Saturday, December 17, 2011

Worst Service Ever

Posted on Sat, Dec 17, 2011 at 8:23 AM

in my entire life. What a way to end my long six day work week (in a
restaurant no less). We spent over 45 minutes before even getting a drink
order. Over an hour before we could order an appetizer. If we weren't
waiting for our friends, we would have left long before that. When we did
get our order, it was wrong and you charged me for my beer (that I didn't
order) and the beer that I did! You also charged me for sauce I never
received so about 7 bucks extra on my bill. Thanks for that. I will admit,
I was a little rude, I am usually never rude to people in the service
industry because I know how much it can suck sometimes, especially on a
busy night. But, this time I was rude because of the fact that a) it was
freezing, (who uses the AC in December?) and B) see above! and C) that we
were there for 2 hours and never were even offered refills on our non
alcoholic drinks! I tried to discreetly pass a note for the manager to
another server, only to find out our server was also the owner. You had the
audacity to come and yell at me in front of my friends and tell me I was
trying to be rude from the moment I walked in the door! You could have been
nice and admitted your mistake, but instead you chose to yell at me in
front of the entire restaurant. Classy. I have been in the service for over
15 years. I do not own the place I work now. I don't even manage it, but I
would never treat anyone the way I was treated there. Jeers!


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