Saturday, August 4, 2012

Emergency Room Antics

Posted on Sat, Aug 4, 2012 at 8:23 AM

Thanks for making our night special. Saturday midnight emergency-room, my
wife and mother of my children is doubled over in pain. We are surrounded
by others with issues ranging from bleeding to vomiting. The overworked
very pregnant triage nurse is doing her best to move us all along. Then
hallelujah you come along, escorted in by the paramedic, walking on your
own, yelling how you're not going to wait. The kind clerk says "sir we will
get to you as soon as we can", you blast back, "I am going to have a
seizure and I need to be seen now! You're directed to sit down to be safe.
You let everybody know by loud whining, no one cares and you're going to
die. After your repeated whines and growing threats to the clerk, a
security guard is posted. Thirty minutes pass during this time you are
watching TV, and talking on not only your cell, but also the hospital phone
simultaneously, an act that even the least epileptic would find seizure
inducing and yet you fail to produce one, yet you still cry out how you're
going to have a seizure and die. Your turn comes, and you step into the
triage station talking on your cell phone. You say you're done with this
place and leave abruptly. For future reference please look up on your
smarter-then-you phone the meanings of seizures, emergencies and


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