Saturday, August 4, 2012

To Society

Posted on Sat, Aug 4, 2012 at 8:23 AM

How come no one can converse with each other face to face without labeling
it "awkward" yet it is so easy to talk over the Internet? How come families
do not sit down to share a meal together, that is home cooked and discuss
their day? Don't tell me it's because it was a long day, or you don't have
time to cook or that the kids had practice. We have managed far more, for
far longer and yet could enjoy family. How do you think society was built
to begin with? Ever read more than a magazine or a discount novel? Life
isn't about rushing to get married and have children just so you can ignore
them and complain your husband doesn't love you. Life isn't about screaming
profanities at each other simply because you're discontent and ill-
educated. Life isn't about social media, Internet and cell phones and being
reckless and calling it Yolo! It's not about over-indulgence, hate, lack of
respect or accountability, violence or intolerance, it's about living the
life we were so graciously blessed with. And no, I'm not a "hippie,
right-wing, feminist, taciturn, socially impaired snob". I'm just disgusted
with society. Wake up!


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