Saturday, September 7, 2013

RE: Perplexed

Posted on Sat, Sep 7, 2013 at 8:24 AM

Clearly, my befuddled mind misspoke and offended the lackadaisical, huddled
mass clones. Truly, I am not sorry. My point which you obviously
missed---was this--where is our originality as a city? Yes, per capita,
Spokane and its outlying areas does make less money than say, Seattle
however money isn't the issue nor is it your perception of my supposed
superficiality. It's that as a whole, we take no pride in how we present
ourselves--Spokane prances around like a bunch of sloppy Joes and Janes. If
you work in a business office, how come you cannot muster enough strength
to merely tuck in your shirt? Or the food industry--may you pull back your
hair and not be dripping with metal on your face? That has nothing to do
with salary, it's self-respect! A chunk of my original posting was not
published which would have aided in my case--our youth is under the
impression that being sloppy or scantily clad is ok and it's not--"farming
town" or not. By the way, here's a history lesson--Spokane is industrial
and it's outlying areas are closing, I am not sorry you
think so poorly of my opinions. Did I strike a nerve? Was my post not
readily accepted because it had nothing to do with drug addicts or poor
drivers not yielding to pedestrians? I have volunteered all my life and was
raised in a middle class family who worked hard for their money--I didn't
receive an allowance when I was at home nor was I handed a car or an iphone
like most of my peers and their prospective siblings. My designer finds are
a mix of saving my hard earned money--in the medical field-- and discount
shopping. I am a well-educated individual and my contention was simply
this--take pride in yourself--you'd think Spokanites are manic depressive
clones by looking at us.


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