I Saw You

Week of September 22nd

In the Inlander story on youth homelessness It was your story of family rejection because of your sexual orientation that broke our hearts. We just want you to know that we are here for you if you ever want to reach out. We may not have a lot to offer but we can give you unconditional love and acceptance. If you want to reach out to us, Wilson has our contact information.

oops i saw you Early Wed. Morning early like 3-4 in the morning. I was wearing a wig. Not normal anyway if you read The Indlander and see this, you will know ALL I CAN SAY IS "LETS WRITE A BOOK MAN!" Could be fun to compare notes...

Otterly perfect First time I saw you I could barely speak. You started coming into my work on a regular basis, you asked me for my number a few times until I finally caved. Best decision of my life. You saved me. "Hold my hand through the night and we will never drift apart"

Rock hard at the park 2016 diesel mechanic The last part of rock hard I met you and when it ended you went with your friends to the valley, all I remember is you were a diesel mechanic and my brother had drove all the way from Clayton to pick my friends and I up and we didn't exchange info. Wish I had. [email protected]

The Example In the middle of a political season oversaturated with hate and ignorance was Mary Lou Reed's article about why she likes Hillary. It was amazingly about what she liked as opposed to pointing out the horribleness of Trump. I wouldn't say that I am a huge Hillary fan, that isn't really the point. Cheers to Mary Lou Reed and her thoughtful comments.

Happy Bi-Visibility Day! (September 23rd) I wish each and every one of you bisexuals an awesome Bi-Visibility Day! I believe in you and your existence. Don't let anyone ever tell you it's just a phase and you have to make a choice. You've already made your choice-you are bi. In me, you have an ally and avid supporter. Enjoy YOUR day! Stand tall and BI-Proud!

Little Red-Haired Girl Augh! I can't believe how thoroughly I feel the feeling of having known you all along. You have me walking tall and loving life with you. Slow, fast, every which way... Your Charlie Brown

Cat Clinic, Northwest Blvd. Friday, Sept. 16th, we brought our kitty, our beloved "child" of 12 years to you. He was dying in our arms, we knew it and we needed someone to desperately help him. At first you told us that you had no openings and began to figure out where we could take him, someone to help us... as we stood in your lobby crying and holding on to him. Your staff took us in, gave us genuine empathy, and helped our kitty leave this world with comfort. We didn't know what to do, we were scared, heartbroken, and desperate. You have no idea what you did for us today... we needed someone like yourselves. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you... Raymond

ILMLK LK I can't put into words how much you mean to me. You have made my life so full of love and joy. I cherish every moment we have shared and look forward to our future. I love you, Gorgeous Woman. EB.

Hello Batman! 371 days since last sighting. Nothing has changed at the batcave. Assuming nothing will change at all for you as witnessed over these 3 years. Will always leave the light on. Call when you can. Loving you forever and losing hope that anything will ever change. You are in charge of your own destiny... or maybe not.

Fair warning to a thief To whomever ransacked my FJ cruiser last Thursday night, I still have the half empty pack of American Spirits you spilled onto our lawn. I'll make you a deal. Bring back my Sounders Xbox jersey and Ray Bans and I will swap out your cigs no questions asked. If not, PLEASE do not make the mistake of letting me find you wearing both.

Jeers to me To the gentleman walking a golden retriever off leash in Comstock Park about 10 days ago: I am sorry that I yelled at you (and worse) because your dog was off leash. You were right: it was not the end of the world Unfortunately, my golden retriever (who is on his leash) gets upset and difficult to control when he sees loose dogs. Many people do not respect the leash laws in this park, which makes it difficult for those who do. You were kind enough to put your dog on the leash when you saw mine was leashed. Again, I am sorry that I was verbally abusive.

Thanks for Ruining Our Evening Jeers to the inconsiderate jerk sitting behind us during the Red Green show at the Bing last Monday evening. As we stood for the "Possum Lodge oath", you spilled your wine all over our armrest and my wife's seat. Instead of saying anything, you kept silent, letting my wife sit in the soaked seat, staining her light tan skirt with red wine. Like she wasn't going to notice that her butt was wet?? And instead of offering to help clean it up by going and getting some towels, you sat there, mumbling an insincere apology, and offering to do nothing. How rude and ill-mannered can you get? Apparently your mamma never taught you any manners or how to take responsibility for your actions. The only open seats were two at the very back to the theater, so instead of seats only three rows from the stage, we now had to watch the show from the back of the theater. As sitting on the damp skirt was very uncomfortable, we ended up leaving at intermission. So thanks for ruining the show and my wife's dress skirt, now stained with red wine. Perhaps you should stick to drinking out of a baby bottle, as it would compliment your immaturity as shown by your lack of table manners and subsequent inaction. Kudos to the management of the Bing. When my wife called on Tuesday about the incident, instead of passing the buck to the actions of a rude jerk, they took responsibility and did provide a partial refund.

Gym Etiquette Dear Planet Fitness beef cake, you know who you are, there every day from about 5-7, biggest muscles in the place. I have been tempted so many times to sound the "Lunk Alarm" on you. Must you make so much noise when you lift? That aside, as I know it's common or else there wouldn't be a "Lunk Alarm," can you please stay out of the circuit area? It's a CIRCUIT. The rest of us would like to get our work out done and get on with our lives. It's very inconsiderate of you to come into the circuit and interrupt everyone's flow by hogging a single machine for your numerous reps and expect everyone to skip that machine and come back when you are done lunking. There are dozens of machines outside the circuit area at your disposal.

Spokanimal Dog Park POOP patrol What the hell is up with people just standing around watching their dogs take a dump and not picking up after them?? The park is a place for dogs and owners to wander and explore and play...but you can't walk 10 feet without stepping in sh*t. It looks and smells disgusting. Don't be lazy, people. For the love of all things holy, people, pick up after your dogs!!

Inlander Fail In the recent Annual Manual, you had a glaring oversight in not including Azar's on North Monroe for their unique and delicious Middle Eastern cuisine, especially their lunch buffet. You also failed to include La Presa in Airway Heights, the most authentic Mexican canteena experience I have had in Spokane County and the food is as excellent as the ambience. It is hard to understand these oversights. ♦

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