Terrain’s annual gallery fundraiser boosts art accessibility for all by offering 80+ pieces for $200 each

click to enlarge Terrain’s annual gallery fundraiser boosts art accessibility for all by offering 80+ pieces for $200 each
Photo courtesy Ginger Ewing
Last year's Terrain Gallery fundraiser saw 80 percent of all art sold in only the first half hour.
If you manage to secure one of over 80 unique artworks provided by more than 65 regional local artists at this weekend's Terrain Gallery Fundraiser, consider yourself lucky. Selling for $200 per piece — no matter the artist, size, or medium — works fly off the wall. Last year, 80% of pieces sold in the event’s first 30 minutes.

Local artists donate art for the fundraiser and all of the proceeds support the operational costs of keeping Terrain's gallery on North Monroe Street open.

The gallery is one facet of Terrain, a Spokane nonprofit arts organization known for breaking down barriers to art. The $200 price point is a balance between valuing work contributed by artists and making the works accessible to a larger audience.

“This was really an idea generated from the community,” says Ginger Ewing, Terrain’s executive director and co-founder.

“It’s a big ask to ask artists to donate 100% of the proceeds back to the gallery and the fact that we have so many artists who are enthusiastic and gracious with their donation to the gallery is really pretty special.”

For Mel Antuna Hewitt, a local book artist, donating a piece of art is a no-brainer.

This year Hewitt contributed a handcrafted artist’s book, complete with leather binding, a self-penned poem in handset lead type and a print illustration made with Lego bricks. She'd typically price a piece like it for $350.

“I feel like the $200 in art that I’m donating towards [Terrain] pales in comparison to everything that they’ve done, and not just for me but for everybody,” Hewitt says.

Terrain’s gallery is entirely free for artists to show work there, and to the public to visit. The gallery operates with a 70/30 commission split (70% to the artist, 30% to the gallery), and showcases both seasoned artists as well as those new to the regional arts scene. Terrain also hosts an array of other events, markets and workshops throughout the year, including its flagship, one-night fall showcase in October and two seasonal artist markets, Bazaar (June) and Brrrzaar (December).

Terrain is trying to “push back against the status quo of the traditional white box gallery and in that, centering the artists and getting the artists paid,” Ewing says.

Hewitt highlights Terrain’s financial support as well as the time and effort its staff puts into their work.

“The fact that I can tell they care is probably the biggest motivational aspect for why I want to help out with the fundraiser and donate a piece of art that they get to keep all the proceeds for,” she says.

Terrain’s Gallery Fundraiser also offers a chance to get acquainted with the gallery and mingle with local artists.

“If you fall in love with a particular piece but you don’t necessarily get that piece, that artist is likely to be there so you can introduce yourself,” Ewing says, adding that it’s “a good opportunity to come out and get to know the amazing talent we have in this town.”

For those new to the art scene or seasoned art collectors, Terrain welcomes everyone to come and immerse themselves in the art world.

Terrain Gallery Fundraiser • Fri, March 29 from 6-9 pm • All ages • Free • Terrain Gallery • 628 N. Monroe St. • terrainspokane.com

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