DIY Crepe Paper Flowers
Lisa Prins

Handmade gifts and crafts are such a delight to create. There is something extra special about giving and receiving a gift that's been made with love.

DIY Crepe Paper Flowers
Lisa Prins


  • For flower petals, crepe paper
  • For leaves, colored paper and newsprint (your old Inlander works great!)
  • Cardstock or thin cardboard, cut in a circle
  • Hot glue and hot glue gun
  • Scissors (pinking shears optional)



For a fluffy center, create a fringe using a small length of crepe paper folded in half lengthwise. Then cut tiny slits along one edge. Roll the slip into a cylinder.

To make stamen as seen in flowers like crocuses, use a slightly wider length of crepe paper and cut the fringes a bit farther apart. Then twist each fringe between your fingers.


The shape of the petals is up to you! Do be aware that you'll want to orient your petal so that the grain of the paper allows the cut paper petal to widen outward instead of lengthwise — like an accordion.

Have fun experimenting with different shapes and colors.

Make a bunch of petals that range in length.

DIY Crepe Paper Flowers
Lisa Prins


Starting at the outer edge of your cardstock circle, glue the largest petals around the edge.

Add progressively shorter petals in concentric circles.

When your petals are covering the whole circle, add a dollop of glue in the center and poke the center piece into it — like you're putting a cherry on top!

Gently expand the petals by pulling them out like an accordion, to create curved forms.

DIY Crepe Paper Flowers
Lisa Prins


Cut petal shapes from card stock and book pages. I even added some leaves cut from the newsprint — get creative! Pinking shears add an interesting texture.

Glue the petals on the back of the cardstock circle so that they stick out from under the petals.

You can use these flowers for so many things. Glue to a headband or hat. Add a pin to the back of one to create a fun accessory. They are also a great addition to a wrapped gift, tied on the stem of a bottle of wine or plopped on top of a jar of homemade jam.

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