East Pan Asian Cuisine: Diners dive into culinary delights spanning the breadth of Asian traditions at Northern Quest Resort & Casino

Prepare to be enticed as you peruse the menu at East Pan Asian Cuisine.

“We’re going for that fusion that hits all flavor palates,” says Michael Smith, East’s restaurant manager, noting the menu represents cuisine hailing from China, Japan, Vietnam and India. “We wanted to build our identity into something that is unique to the area.”

The menu’s bestseller, the honey walnut shrimp, is found on the Larger Plates section of the multi-part menu. The dish’s crispy shrimp are cooked traditionally and made fresh with each order, just as all of the dishes at East are. The new Dim Sum menu features delectables like potstickers, black bean steamed ribs, steamed edamame, and of course chicken feet. Smith says they hope diners will “try something a little out of your comfort zone” at the now two-year-old destination restaurant.

On the artisan cocktail list, you’ll see East’s popular gin-infused cucumber blossom cocktail right alongside the PNW’s beloved huckleberry flavors. Four types of sake, ranging from the more traditional to the hard-to-find higher-end, are available, along with some more familiar wines and beers.

In keeping with Northern Quest’s tradition of creating dramatic and engaging interiors, East’s physical space is striking. The open kitchen lets diners see chefs at work, but perhaps most fascinating is the entire wall of waving lucky cats, popular Japanese figures that are said to bring good luck. And what could be better than dining under the cheerful gaze of dozens of them?

“We are in the casino,” Smith says, “so we want to keep it fun!”

More Reasons to Eat at East
• Find more than a dozen options specially created “For Sharing” on the menu; try the house specialty fried takoyaki, a fried wheat dumpling with grilled octopus.
• The “Hibachi Grill Combo” features various pairings of chicken, shrimp, steak, and lobster, each accompanied by egg flower soup, miso salad, fried rice and stir-fried vegetables.

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