Eleven killed in synagogue, thousands of Spokane voters marked 'inactive' and other headlines


If you haven't gotten your ballot yet, check with the Spokane County elections office to see if you're one of the almost 10 percent of county voters who've been marked "inactive" due to mail bouncing back to the office.

NEWS/ARTS & CULTURE: A sculpture dedicated to the late Dr. John Marshall was unveiled over the weekend near where the Centennial Trail passes under the Monroe Street Bridge.

NEWS: A family that says a private road shouldn't have gone across their Kootenai County property has filed a complaint against the county and a company paying for the work, hoping to stop the project and recoup damages.

ARTS & CULTURE: This weekend, Out of the Shadows Theater will put on its third annual production featuring actors with special needs who will star in Mary Poppins Jr., with shadow actors helping them through the show.


Eleven killed in shooting at Pittsburgh synagogue

In a horrific anti-Semitic attack, 11 people were shot and killed Saturday while worshiping at their synagogue in Pittsburgh, the New York Times reports.

Deer hunting in the city not OK
A hunter was given a warning after shooting a deer with a bow and arrow on Tubbs Hill, after neighbors who found the gut pile reported it and worried that they might get shot while enjoying their city park, the Coeur d'Alene Press reports.

Calculating the carbon fee
If Initiative 1631 is passed, implementing a fee on carbon pollution, the price per household would vary widely based on how much of the fee is passed on to consumers, how many cars people have and how their homes are heated, with likely estimates ranging from less than $100 per year for some households to as much as $300 a year for others in the Spokane area, depending on which analysis is used, the Seattle Times reports. 

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