Just when you thought that reality television had reached the pinnacle of absurdity with all its Kardashians and drunken bachelors and Snookis, along comes a show like AMC’s Small Town Security, to swoop in and totally redeem this depraved genre. Gaining popularity due to its post-Breaking Bad time slot, this half-hour program focuses on a Georgia security company helmed by a foul-mouthed, barely mobile “Chief,” her toupee-collecting hoarder of a husband and the transgender Lieutenant who literally lives in the company’s office. The characters are all independently bonkers in their own special way, making for a delightfully intriguing train wreck.


Making fun of Mitt Romney and his quest for the White House can, at times, be a bit of a fish-barrel-gun exercise. But comic Rob Delaney has made high art of messing with Mitt on his twitter feed (@RobDelaney) and now Portland illustrator Josh Meccouh has created, a site that turns Delaney’s tweets into pretty hilarious comics. Click on over to that site to see how Meccouh brings this Delaney gem to life: “@MittRomey I feel like one reason you won’t be president is that fewer people will vote for you than they will for other people.”


The last thing you likely want to hear about right now is the Olympics, considering you bid farewell to the London Games with that Spice Girls performance on Sunday, but hear me out. Of all the weird-ass sports included in the games, perhaps the most awesomely weird was something called Team Handball. It’s like soccer, but with the pacing and excitement of basketball. Teams try to throw a ball about the size of a cantaloupe into a goal, which they do often and with extreme velocity. We should all start playing this immediately. For reference, dig into your free on-demand cable offerings and watch games from the Olympics.

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