Readers respond to "The Case for Bold Moderation" and a story about a racist tirade in Idaho

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A reader responds to an opinion article by John T. Reuter advocating for moderation in our political discourse ("The Case for Bold Moderation, 7/19/18):

Patrick Adams: The reason why staunch centrists and "moderates" in this country are perceived as inauthentic is because they're advocating for the status quo which isn't working. Also the Overton window in this country is shifted so far to the right (at least when it comes to the two main political parties platforms) that a "centrist" is still center-right.

And also because so called "moderates" are often the ones who simply want to play devil's advocate for the sake of it, which is inherently inauthentic. But if you're really so keen on staying right in the center and not budging, well I almost hate to break it to ya but that's an extreme position.

Extremism is not a synonym for a position on the political spectrum.

And moderate is not a synonym nor a replacement for a smart person... 

Readers respond to an article on about a North Idaho man who was arrested after hurling racial profanity at a group of teenagers at a McDonald's (7/18/18):

Whitney Rose: Bystanders need to step up. If someone is verbally harassing teenagers for existing in a McDonald's, you and I have to stop that BS.

Al Southers: Racism is just the expression of what's really wrong with him: the fear of a minority white America. He is scared that the privilege of a heterosexual white man will not get him the safety and security from cops. He's scared that it won't guarantee him a job with high income. He's scared that his grandchild may have a darker hue than him. He's scared.

Bill Bissell: We don't want scum like this in Idaho. Sorry to the kids. We're not all slime like these two neanderthals. He does not speak for Idaho.

James Plaid: Many of you forget that it was the work of North Idaho residents and activists who drove out the Aryan Nations, nonviolently, through legal means. Don't be so quick to lump the whole region as being like this guy. It simply isn't true.

Hope Vasquez: This happened to my daughter and her youth group. When I received the call from her, I was so infuriated that someone can show so much hate towards anyone, especially these kids and their leaders who were just out for ice cream after listening to a preacher speak! Beyond disgusting and I pray that these charges stick! ♦

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