by Jacob Albert

I thought it would be good to provide some other "Takes" on life in Spokane for people like me in their 20s. These are quotes I have been gathering for different articles while asking around for my own interest; some are from e-mails I was sent at Each provides a telling insight into the psyche of people in their 20s (and a few older folks) living it out here in Spokane.

If you have one beer from Seattle, one from Portland and one from Spokane and put them in front of a person from each of these cities, their response will be as follows -- the person from Seattle will pick the Seattle beer, the person from Portland will pick the Portland beer and the person from Spokane will say they aren't sure which is the best, but they do know it is either from Portland or Seattle. I think that the people in Portland and Seattle -- or any city that it is growing -- has an inherent pride in the products of its own community. Unfortunately, I think Spokane lacks this pride. --Gage

I look forward to seeing "the rise of the creative class" in Spokane. I also have been amazed at some of the innovations and solid technology I've seen come out of some local businesses here. Surprisingly, I like Spokane. I really wasn't sure I would, because I like big cities and their art/music/cultural diversity. However, I think that Spokane is beautiful -- the weather, the nature, the buildings and homes. There's history preserved here. And the people are nice, despite how sheltered they may be. I'd further like to vote for more ethnic foods and for more people to get exposed to trying them. But I have hope! --Angie

As a newcomer to Spokane, I can attest that the city's primary appeal comes from the fact that, with the possible exception of certain bloated Corona-soaked music venues on the corner of Monroe and Sprague, it doesn't try to be hip and trendy. Spokane has a genuineness that is conspicuously absent from many other cities, and this charm helps make up for the lack of cultural amenities. --Ken

I'd like to see somewhere in Spokane where you can walk around safely at night and see a lot of people, similar to what downtown Boise is like. Also, it seems like people want to do things, but there's nothing to do, so they stay at home and do nothing. --Brian

Spokane needs to have a better representation of whatever international community exists and develop some cornerstone businesses that define parts of neighborhoods and the town. --Jennifer

Spokane is still pretty conservative. Hopefully they will develop a U-District, and it would also be cool to have a light-rail system running between different neighborhoods. --Kristi

Will Spokane be cool in 5 to 10 years? Well, I think Spokane's cool now, so in 5 to 10 years, it should be Uber cool. Definitely. What could be better about downtown would be a supermarket!! P.M. Jacoy's just doesn't always cut it.


There are a lot of cool little dirty bars where you don't have to be cool to hang out at. Spokane needs a strip of bars -- you can't always walk blocks to get from bar to bar. --Chelsea

Spokane needs better public transportation geared towards those people driving their cars in from the subways every night. It would be nice to have some independent movie theaters. Co-op housing like they have in Seattle would be great because it creates a sense of community. Spokane needs to have its young people more involved in the decisions being made about the city. --Richard

If there are decent well-paying jobs, people will have money and will be encouraged to stay. --Shannon

I'm planning on leaving Spokane because people just seem so uptight here in Spokane about things that are different. They need to be more open. --Ashley

I think its important that we continue renovating older buildings. In five to 10 years, people who have ideas now will be realizing them, and this will make younger people more excited to stay and live in Spokane when they see this chance. --Jeannie

There needs to be more art, and fewer cops per capita - I think that really speaks of the conservative attitude in Spokane. I have also heard that even the Native Americans who used to live here said that Spokane was like a hole that was impossible to get out of. Just some local urban myth to check out and something to think about -- because sometimes Spokane does feel like a vacuum. --Joe

I just wanted to let you know I am a 24-year-old renter at the Railside Apartments over in the Railside Center block. I am in one of the larger units and only pay $600 a month (not $800). The smaller ones go for even cheaper and are almost all occupied by couples or roommates. (So if someone with a smaller income wanted a place, there are ways to do it.) I have lived down here for two years, got rid of my car, and have never regretted a day. I have only high hopes for what is to come. --Jeremy

Publication date: 07/08/04

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