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Strong Citizen -- Twenty-ninth Avenue is finally being repaired. This busy arterial has been allowed to literally fall apart in the past five years. Frustrated drivers have endangered other drivers by swerving to avoid grooves and open holes. Spokane's streets don't all need rebuilding, but they do need ongoing maintenance, which doesn't cost the $90 to $100 million touted by Mayor Powers, who was elected after promising to make street repairs a top priority. Smoke and mirrors!

Actually, his main priority has been his nonstop campaign for reelection. This Bill Clinton wannabe is an excellent reason to junk the Strong Mayor form of government and get rid of both Powers and "Sue" Eugster, the architect of this dysfunctional system. Don't worry about what Powers will do if shown the door by the voters. He can open up a law office with Eugster (and take the three people who helped his campaign that were later rewarded with $70,000 plus annual salaries to staff that office). Or he can help Hillary sell her new book. He's an excellent salesman.

Eugster's egregious display of arrogance, rudeness and contempt for public service is why all you apathetic nonvoters need to register to vote and retake your city.

Spokane has had good mayors (Sutherlin, Fosseen, Rodgers, Chase, and McNeil) and competent city managers. Jack Geraghty actually drove his own car as Mayor and paid for his own gas. The city's streets were actually maintained. The City Council members were civil to each other and helped run Spokane pretty good. If the current bunch had been in during the early 1970's, Expo '74 never would have happened.

Settle the garage dispute (since only the lawyers are making money off it) and get back to basics. Sell the wasteful bus transfer center and use small buses. This transfer center has attracted a lot of former prisoners from Airway, who stand around smoking cigarettes. They insult and intimidate regular bus riders and reportedly make a good number of drug deals. The city could recoup a lot of money by selling the building and shifting the transfer center to another location. Check out Walla Walla's inexpensive transit system. They use a parking lot without the need of a $20 to $25 million-dollar monument with a waterfall, etc. That is just one example of how a lot of money has been wasted by a few people who like spending the public's money like they're playing Monopoly.

Spokane doesn't need any more empty suits at City Hall! Perhaps it needs a few people who know the value of money, and are willing to be true public servants.

Jim Reierson

Spokane, Wash.

Real News is New -- Thank you for the article, "Navigating the Media Minefield," (7/24/03). When one is hard pressed to find the truth in the newspapers, on television and on the radio, this article provided excellent web sites to learn the real story, such as

With Clear Channel taking over the airwaves (what a bore these talk show hosts are) and corporations taking over television and radio, I find it refreshing to bite into some real news.

Kathy Tapley

Spokane, Wash.

Why Ask Why? -- Questions must be posed and must be answered regarding the sources our President is relying upon to make solid and sound decisions that affect the United States here and abroad. These sources reflect upon the people of the United States and it is important that they are credible, reliable and accurate.

There are a lot of important issues, such as diplomatic relationships, international trust and common beliefs, riding on the occupation of Iraq. Many nations look up to the United States and her people. For many we represent the only light left in a world full of darkness, hate and despair, and are an example to strive for.

Thus, it is necessary to find out the "who," the "what," the "where" and the "how come" when trusting our government's decisions. Why? To immediately begin fixing those agencies and sources within government that may be in need of repair or overhaul. If something is broke, should we not fix it? Should we continue to use something that is broke? If the President must continually tell the American public that he will send sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, husbands and wives, into harm's way, then should we not ensure that the sources he is relying upon are worthy of this? Or do we just send our sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, husbands and wives, to lands far away, because of mere suspicion(s)?

Luis Ocasio

Spokane, Wash.

Poor Word Choice -- I was enjoying the article "A Hole in One," (7/31/03) on Emmett Burley's amazing accomplishment of developing The Links golf course until I read this: "He uses no pesticides, he doesn't water the rough and uses organic fertilizer. In other words, he saves money and manages to be politically correct at the same time."

It seems to me that the term "politically correct" has become a term of derision applied to those who are hypersensitive about offending anyone. If Mr. Burley can find ways of economically protecting our environment, he deserves our praise, not mockery.

Geoff Praeger

Spokane, Wash.

Publication date: 08/07/03

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