On the Street

When did you have your first cup of coffee?


When I was 16, but I don't really remember where. I took it with cream and sugar. Do you still drink coffee?Yep. I'm 49 and I still drink it the same way today.


I remember my first espresso; I was 13, and it was from Nordstrom. I was shopping by myself downtown at River Park Square, and I didn't know anything about coffee, so [the espresso] was very strong and I was hyper, you know.Do you still drink coffee?Yes, but now I usually get a short Americano with two stevias and heavy cream.


I was 10, and my dad made me a cup of Folgers. It put me to sleep [because I have] ADHD. Do you still drink coffee?Not really. I like the taste, but anything with caffeine just puts me to sleep.


I was probably 17, and it was Jacobs instant coffee in Russia. I always drank it with milk or cream; [instant coffee] was a big thing in Russia at the time. In Russia the cups were so small, I'd have to take three espresso and one cappuccino and milk to make one American-sized cup.


I had a spicy pumpkin coffee at Starbucks when I was 21; that was my first time drinking coffee outside [of home]. I grew up making Ethiopian coffee with my family; we ground and boiled the beans ourselves for a very strong, small cup of coffee.What kind of coffee do you drink now?I always try what's up on the chalkboard or something different.

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