by Mike Corrigan

Teen Punks -- In last week's music section lead story about Seattle teen punk band DEK, the ghost in the machine here mistakenly changed the pronunciation of the band's moniker from "D-E-K" (which is correct) to "deek" (which is incorrect). So, to reiterate, it's not "deek" or "deck" but "Deeee-Eeeee-Kaaay." OK? Excellent. Incidentally, you may recall that Deke (this time, correctly pronounced "deek") was the black cop on the '70s TV police drama, S.W.A.T. I used to love that show but I was always a little put off by the fact that on just about every call, team leader "Hondo" Harrelson would send Deke (the only black guy on the five-man unit) into the hail of bullets before any of the others. Just once I wanted to hear Deke tell Hondo to shove it -- and to get his honky ass out there first for a change.

Dee's Army -- Mr. Dee Farmin of the Dee Farmin Army informed me over this last weekend that the band that bears his name (recently left hanging without a drummer) has in fact found a new body to sweat up the drummer's stool. While this person of interest's true identity remains obscure for now, Farmin assures me that his integration has been smooth as silk -- and that the band's sometime quarrelsome nature has been mysteriously (or perhaps not so mysteriously) vanquished. Stay tuned for developments as they emerge and look for a show featuring a redeployed Army sometime in December. Meanwhile, a BV shot with a Coke backer to you, Army men -- Cheers.

Classic Mootsy's -- This Friday night at Mootsy's, you can catch live music from Jupiter Effect and Annie O'Neill. But on Saturday, it's what owner Rick Turner lovingly refers to as "Classic Mootsy's." Most of the regulars down there know exactly what he means: On those increasingly rare nights weekend nights when the club is without a live band, Mootsy's reverts to its roots as a public house, a place where the drinks flow easily and the only forms of entertainment are the jukebox (which is excellent, by the way) and good old human conversation.

Publication date: 11/25/04

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