Thursday, May 28, 2015

Celebrate National Burger Day with the Better Burger Project

Posted By on Thu, May 28, 2015 at 4:31 PM

Don't act like you didn't know it was National Burger Day. You've had this seemingly inconsequential Thursday circled on your calendar for months, just waiting for an excuse to place as much beef, cheese, bacon and God-knows-what-else as physics will allow between a couple buns and then wait on the couch for June to arrive.

Seriously, though, it's National Burger Day. This is a thing, and it's likely that someone on Facebook already pointed this out to you with a picture of some artery-cementing monstrosity like this. Don't get me wrong, I like burgers. Shit, I can't promise I won't eat one before I finish typing this sentence. But that said, a couple local restaurants are doing something pretty cool to help us rethink the burger.

The James Beard Foundation’s Better Burger Project is a campaign to promote a healthier and more environmentally sustainable burger by combining meat with mushrooms.

Sante unveiled its entry earlier this week. It’s a combination of 70 percent Wagyu beef from Thompson River Ranch and 30 percent crimini, Portobello and oyster mushrooms. It’s served on a ciabatta bun from Sante’s sister restaurant, Common Crumb, and accompanied with house-cured bacon, butter lettuce, grilled onions, morel mushrooms and more.

Manito Tap House, the South Hill gastropub already well known for its environmentally conscious efforts, also has a Better Burger Project offering. Manito is offering the Buffalo & Change, a creation by chef Molly Patrick that features ground buffalo mixed with king trumpet mushrooms and served with rhubarb ham and toasted almond butter on a toasted brioche bun. It’s available for $15 and can be served gluten-free on request.

“A blended burger also brings more sustainable, plant-based items to menus allowing Americans to enjoy the taste and flavor of the burgers they love, knowing it’s a healthier and more sustainable preparation,” reads a press release from the James Beard Foundation.

You can vote for your favorite Better Burger by uploading a photo of your preferred burger to Instagram and tagging it with the hashtag #betterburgerproject as well as the restaurant’s handle.

The burgers are on the menu at both restaurants through July 31.
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Be ready for Volume now! Everything you need to know

Posted By on Thu, May 28, 2015 at 3:33 PM


Tomorrow, Volume is here. That’s right, two music-packed days featuring nearly 100 bands spanning nine downtown locations. It sounds crazy, we know, but we’re up for the challenge. To prepare mentally and physically for this fantastic event we’ve put together a couple of pointers for you. We can’t wait to see you all there!

Get Tickets
Today is the last day to buy wristbands online at or at the Inlander office for $20. Otherwise buy them at the festival tomorrow at the Volume headquarters tent at Sprague and Washington from 5-9 pm Friday and 5-8 pm Saturday. Will Call tickets are also held at this tent. Friday, the cost moves to $30 for both nights or $20 for a single night, and we’re taking both cash and credit card at the Will Call/Volume headquarters tent.

What the Wristband Gets You
Access to all Volume music venues, the circulating party trolley and special deals at select Spokane businesses.

Make Your Own Schedule
The full up-to-date schedule is here. Most exciting, you can make your own lineups on our website just by making your own account. Then at the festival, pull up your schedule on your phone. Check out our curated lineups, such as the best bands to dance to and let loose to here.

Social Media
Use the #Volume509 hashtag or #INVolume on Twitter and Instagram to share what you’re up to. Follow us on Twitter at @TheInlander and get updates on shows and venue lines on the Inlander and Volume Facebook pages.

Who’s Playing
It is physically impossible to see every single band playing this year, but , if you’re like us, you’ll try to see all the acts anyway. This year, we have bands making everything from funk to hip-hop, Americana to soul. While Volume is a celebration of local acts, there’s also regional and national talent flying in for the event. We highly recommend checking out this year’s Bands to Watch … and everyone else.

What to Wear
Footwear is the biggest thing here. Wear shoes that you can comfortably run around in. Other than that, it’s all about feeling good — and probably don’t wear anything described here.

What’s Open to All-Ages
In short, those under 21 can see any show at the Bartlett, Pinnacle Northwest and the Big Dipper, and shows until 9 pm at Neato Burrito. Also, the Som & Cheddar Chad Soul Brunch at Boots at 10 am on Saturday is open to all. That event features DJs Breezy Brown and Supervillain.

What Else You Might Want to Buy
Volume T-Shirts ($20), drink specials at venues (ask the bartender) and band merch.
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Spokane sheriff: police militarization a "myth"

Posted By on Thu, May 28, 2015 at 11:35 AM

Spokane Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich says that there is a new “war on the police” being waged and that it’s a myth that law enforcement is becoming militarized.

Knezovich made the assertions in a correspondence with Blaine Stum, chair of the Spokane Human Rights Commission, who wrote to the sheriff inquiring about military equipment acquired by his agency.

“While we understand the need for police to be prepared for the worst, we also see potential problems that can arise from funneling military equipment to local police departments,” Stum wrote in the letter. “Most notably, research, that is included in this letter, has shown that increased militarization of police decreases the level of trust between the police and the community they are serving and can lead to a greater spiral of violence that disproportionately affects minority communities.”

In recent years, groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union have raised concerns about local law enforcement agencies acquiring surplus military equipment, which they claim results in officers using unnecessarily heavy-handed approaches to routine police work. Earlier this month, President Barack Obama announced that he was taking steps to halt the flow of military equipment to local police forces.

Knezovich responded to Stum’s letter by writing that the ACLU report included false information in its report on police militarization. He also takes issue with research from the University of California Berkeley, referenced in Stum’s correspondence, that suggests that giving police military equipment escalates encounters with the public..

Here’s the text of Knezovich’s response:
I have a presentation I have created that speaks to this issue. Specifically the myth of police militarization. I will need one hour to present, as this is not a blush over of this issue. I look forward to going over the false information provided by the ACLU in their report. Just a prelude to my discussion on this matter. Contrary to what the ACLU presents in their report they never contacted my agency for the data they present as fact about the Sheriff’s Office, nor does their data remotely represent fact. This falsehood is addressed in my current power point which has been presented to the BoCC [Board of County Commissioner].

I look forward to a lively discussion on what is fast become the new war on the police. I use the term war in the spirit of the continual misuse of the term “war” as it relates to police work. With the results of actions taken by city of Baltimore, actions consistent with the UC Berkeley suggestions, which led to the burning of several buildings and the national guard being called out, it will be interesting to see how the Berkeley study holds up to real world activities.

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UPDATE: One missing Coeur d'Alene man found in Salmon River, one still missing

Posted By on Thu, May 28, 2015 at 11:05 AM

Family and friends of Jason Gritten found his body in the Salmon River Wednesday night, according to the Idaho County Sheriff's Office. Gritten, 35, and Pat Lusk, 27, went missing during a camping trip the weekend of May 15. Family reported the men missing when they didn't return Sunday evening. 

Gritten's body was found near the Spring Bar, nine miles from where authorities believed the men tried to cross the river. Lusk still hasn't been found. 

The Sheriff's Office searched for three days last week, but suspended their efforts when the only traces of the Coeur d'Alene men were a wooden paddle and tracks to and from a nearby hot spring. Sheriff Doug Giddings told the Coeur d'Alene Press that a cadaver dog had a "hit" last Friday, but the river was too fast and muddy to send divers in. 
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Pre-Volume pop-up mini concert at the Inlander hits tonight

Posted By on Thu, May 28, 2015 at 10:35 AM

Volume will be here soon enough. But to get you in the musical state of mind, the Inlander hosts a Pre-Volume pop-up mini concert tonight on the Centennial Trail behind our headquarters in Kendall Yards. Featuring Stevie Lynne — a local singer-songwriter who recently released the new album, Liars, who is set to perform at the Bing Crosby Theater June 12 — the show starts at 5:30 pm.

This is the first time the Inlander is offering a backyard concert. The public is more than welcome to bring chairs and/or food to the event. Expect the show to run a quick 20 to 30 minutes. 
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Whitesnake's blues-metal, Manhatten Transfer's jazz-vocal expertise and Juicy J's strip-hop

Posted By on Thu, May 28, 2015 at 10:01 AM

We're quickly approaching an epic weekend that includes Volume and ArtFest, so you might as well get warmed up today with some options found in our event listings and Staff Picks

Here are some highlights for Thursday, May 28: 

LIVE BANDS | Over the winter, Sleater-Kinney somewhat inexplicably opened their reunion tour in good ol' Spokane. Now, just a couple days after the release of a new album, blues-metal dudes Whitesnake are opening their summer tour at NorthernQuest Resort & Casino. Will they play '80s hits like "Here I Go Again"? Um, ya. And expect a heavy dose of the new set, on which lead singer David Coverdale revisits his Deep Purple years. Here's a bit of what that sounds like: 
LIVE BANDS | Another band whose commercial heyday was the '80s is Manhattan Transfer, although the jazz-vocal experts didn't have any models rolling around on car hoods, ala Whitesnake. Instead, it was just vocally intense and amazing takes on classics. They play the Fox tonight. 

LIVE BANDS | And yet another big live show Thursday, this one involving Oscar-winner Juicy J, who earned his trophy as part of Three 6 Mafia, heroes of the Memphis hip-hop scene. More recently, you've heard him on records by Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj. He plays the Knitting Factory tonight. 
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MB: Sheriff spikes volleyball protests, Raul stands with Rand, and Blatter blathers

Posted By on Thu, May 28, 2015 at 9:39 AM


The house fire that killed three in Colbert may have been a murder. (KREM)

Might not be a good idea to throw volleyballs at cop cars, the sheriff warns. (Spokesman-Review)

Raul Labrador has joined Rand Paul's campaign team. (Spokesman-Review)

As teachers unions lambaste the Washington Legislature, we explore how legislators got their 11.2 percent raise. (Inlander)


FIFA President Sepp Blatter addresses the (latest) FIFA scandal. (The Guardian)

The role China is playing in the production and distribution of the synthetic drug Spice, the mindkiller. (New York Times)

No, chocolate doesn't make you thin, as the comic strip "Cathy" taught us long ago. (Washington Post)


The Dissolve takes us on a theme park ride through the dystopias of cinematic yesteryear. (The Dissolve)
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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Bands to Watch: Where are they now?

Posted By on Wed, May 27, 2015 at 4:29 PM

66beat was named a Band to Watch in 2013 and are playing this year's Volume. - CHAD RAMSEY
  • Chad Ramsey
  • 66beat was named a Band to Watch in 2013 and are playing this year's Volume.

For the past decade, the Inlander has selected five (or so) bands per year that you should be watching. These are the bands proving how original and talented the local music scene is. Ten years in, we’re checking in on our past Bands to Watch, formerly known as Buzzworthy Bands. Just scanning through the list of old names should bring back memories of venues and concerts past. We’ll be the first to admit that many of these bands have long broken up, but other artists have gone on to move past the Spokane rock scene and many are performing at this year's Volume. 

Weight: A hard-edged instrumental three-piece that’s now broken up, scattered into the wind.
Belt of Vapor: The Spokane band is as loud as ever, still kickin’ up mischief around town.
Locke & the Chris Wilson 5: The funk-jazz-hop oufit has since parted ways.
Mylestone: Broken up, but Patrick O’Neill moved to Seattle and started Like Lions, which now tours here.
Burns Like Hellfire: Gone but resurrected later in some capacity as Silver Treason.

Flee the Century: A wild, heavy electronic-rock act that reunites occasionally, including for this year’s Volume, which kicks off a mini Northwest tour. 
La Cha-Cha: The members of this rock four-piece have all gone their separate ways.
Teevee: A rock ’n’ roll trio that is no longer together.
Seaweed Jack: A dance-rock outfit that’s since moved on to other projects.
Coretta Scott: They toured nationally and released a record on Rise Records, but are now broken up.

Cyrus Fell Down: Broken up, but frontman David Plell moved to Seattle and continues to make strange music.
For Years Blue: They won Seattle's Sound Off battle of the bands competition, played Bumbershoot and then parted ways.
Mistress & the Misters: The strange-rock band has since broken up.
James Pants: The local DJ has since moved to Germany, where he works as a studio engineer and is affiliated with the Red Bull Music Academy.
Hockey: The California band lived in Spokane for a while, then moved to Portland and are still going strong, with just one of their original members.

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Is it fair for teachers to attack the legislators' 11.2 percent salary increase?

Posted By on Wed, May 27, 2015 at 3:45 PM

Teachers and other school staffers from East Valley and Spokane Public Schools gather in Riverfront Park to protest education funding policies - YOUNG KWAK
  • Young Kwak
  • Teachers and other school staffers from East Valley and Spokane Public Schools gather in Riverfront Park to protest education funding policies

Over a thousand teachers, school staffers, and community members gathered near the floating stage at Riverfront Park today, dressed in red and protesting a whole slew of frustrations. Most teachers were from the Spokane Public Schools and East Valley, though some teachers from other districts — like Central Valley — took a personal day to join the protest. 

Instead of focusing on one decision or policy, the union kept things wide open: Many of the signs they carried had a clock with the caption "IT'S TIME ______."  And teachers, in permanent marker, filled in the blank: "To Full Fund Education," "To Lower Class Sizes," "For the legislature to do their job," "For competitive salaries and benefits." 

While both houses of the legislature plan to increase education funding this year, and give teachers a modest cost-of-living increase, over 60 districts statewide have walked out anyway. 

And one figure has become a particularly interesting talking point:

"On STRIKE against the Legislature. 
- Ignore VOTERS
- Cheat our kids
- DEFY the Supreme Court
- Get 11 percent raise?"

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Spokane selected for MacArthur Foundation grant to reduce jail populations

Posted By on Wed, May 27, 2015 at 2:27 PM

Spokane County will receive a $150,000 grant from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation to create a plan aimed to reduce the jail population and create a fairer, more effective criminal justice system. The efforts of the 20-member Regional Law and Justice Council helped distinguish Spokane from the pool of more than 200 applications. 

"It's quite a get," says WSU criminal justice professor Jacqueline van Wormer, who was recently appointed acting Criminal Justice Administrator of the Law and Justice Council. "To have Spokane be in the top 20 of those 200 applications is exciting. It speaks a lot to the work we've been doing."

The grant is a part of a $75 million Safety and Justice Challenge by the MacArthur Foundation to reduce over incarceration in America. With help from federal reform agencies such as the Vera Institute, the Law and Justice Council will draw up a plan improve Spokane County Detention Center's risk assessment for offenders, evaluate diversionary programs and establish a more comprehensive criminal justice data system.

Van Wormer gives the example of an individual who continually commits low-level crimes and is constantly in and out of jail, costing the city and county money and resources, clogging up the courts and jail. An improved risk assessment and a data system that encompasses information from law enforcement, municipal, district and superior courts, the prosecutors' office, public defenders' office and the jails could prove invaluable to decreasing recidivism rates. 

In November, the Law and Justice Council will submit their plan to the MacArthur Foundation and compete to be one of the 10 jurisdictions to receive between $500,000-$2 million more annually to implement the ideas. 

Other areas Spokane will compete against for the annual funds include Cook County (Chicago), Harris County (Houston), Los Angeles County, St. Louis County, Ada County (Boise), Multnomah County (Portland), New Orleans, New York City, and the entire state of Connecticut.   
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