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8 rescued from Thailand cave so far, Starbucks to chuck plastic straws and other morning headlines

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NEWS: The Washington State Court of Appeals found that a lower court was right to dismiss a murder charge against a former Eastern Washington University football player. According to the logic used by the Spokane County prosecutors, he could've been held responsible for his own death if the bullet in question hit him instead of a bystander, a judge said.

NEWS: Spokane City Council President Ben Stuckart supports minimum wage increases, but also understands there are genuine concerns for small businesses.

NEWS: A Spokane Valley councilman was removed from his Spokane Regional Transportation Council assignment without notice, and the people behind the vote admit it had little to do with his work on the council.

NEWS: A free life jacket loaner station has opened in Riggins, Idaho, to memorialize two men who drowned there and hopefully keep others safer on the water.


Eight rescued from cave in Thailand

Over the weekend, rescuers were able to safely remove eight of the 13 people trapped in a cave in Thailand, through harrowing diving and climbing conditions within the tunnel system, which was flooded with rain water after the members of the soccer team and their coach entered it more than two weeks ago. (CNN, CBS)

Get rid of the plastic! Well, sorta...
Starbucks will get rid of plastic straws by 2020, meaning you'll be using an "adult sippy cup" soon enough for that frappucino, unless you bring your own reusable cup and straw. (NPR)

Spokane housing gets more competitive
Right now, it's easier to sell a home in Spokane, but finding one to buy means going up against competitors ready to jump on sales and make strong offers as they come in from more competitive markets, The Spokesman-Review reports.

The future is green
The growing of industrial hemp is closer to being legalized than ever, and Idaho could benefit in a major way if and when nationwide legalization passes, The Lewiston Tribune reports. 

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