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  • Aug 29 - Sep 4, 2002
  • Vol. 9, No. 46

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  • Now Playing

    A solid natural history documentary that explores the beauty and harsh realities of nature in an extreme environment, Alaska is deserving of its 1997 Oscar for best documentary short. At the IMAX. (Randy Matin) Austin Powers in Goldmember If you'
  • Buzz Bin

    As if keeping up with the people who consume them wasn't tricky enough, now the very substances of wine and cheese have started changing. Here at the Bin, we were delighted to discover that downtown Spokane's closest answer to a Par
  • Inlander Picks

    If Labor Day weekend is creeping up on you and you haven't yet made any big plans, consider a short migration north. The North Pend Oreille Valley Lions Club offers a handful of train rides throughout the summer and fall, in
  • SCC-Up Close

    Public. Location: East Spokane. Founded: 1963. Student Body: 7,504. School Starts: Sept. 16. Tuition: $ 1,972.35 for three quarters of 15 credits, some lab fees may apply. Phone: (509) 533-7000. Web: Hangouts Of
  • WSU Spokane-Up Close

    Off-Campus: With all its classrooms moved to Riverpoint now, WSU-Spokane students are more focused on the east end of downtown. Options nearby include Chili's, Fast Eddies, Kino Coffee and Aracelia's Mexican restaurant, both in the Schade Brewery
  • Finding an Internship

    The world is not fair, and all internships are not created equal. Ask any group of college students and you're likely to hear a few horror stories: there was the internship that consisted of getting coffee and photocopying endless stacks
  • On-Campus Recreation

    Here's a real shocker: college students don't pick a school for the classes or academic programs it offers. Okay, maybe some students do, but most students pick a school based on the extracurricular activities it has to offer. Students ne
  • The Real Deal

    Spokane is home to several historic districts, among them Browne's Addition, the Corbin Park neighborhood and portions of West Ninth Avenue. While these districts feature many of the finest residences in the city, not many commercial bui
  • Fully Possessed

    The 41-year-old writer-director, first known for In The Company of Men, has just finished two features: the romantic intrigue Possession, from A. S. Byatt's intelligent, intricate best-seller, and the filming of his recent play, The Shape of
  • Letters

    A huge thank you to The Inlander for printing the commentary, "Iraq Attack?" (8/8/02), an essay critical of the warmongering taking place in the current administration. With the media flow of propaganda against Iraq, it's a relief to see s
  • Hidden Realm

    Henry Darger is doubtless the world's most celebrated lifelong menial laborer, having worked diligently not only as a janitor, but also in later life as a dishwasher and (finally) a winder of gauze bandages. Darger was truly a man of sever
  • Paying Your Way

    The economy is in a funk. Wages are low, and unemployment is high. It can be difficult just to pay for rent and have enough money left for food each month. The saying "Education Pays" may very well be true. But more to the point from the
  • WSU Pullman-Up Close

    Public. Location: Pullman, Wash. Founded: 1890. Student Body: 17,000. School Started: August 26. Tuition: $4,145 per year. Phone: 1-888-GOTO-WSU. Web: Hangouts Off-Campus: Students can always be found at Denny's having late-n
  • Recently Reviewed

    After many successful years at the Flour Mill, Riverview Thai has moved up the river to Riverwalk, the site of the now-defunct Bayou Brewery. The Khao Tom ($9.45) was a lovely Thai version of chicken and rice soup, with fragrant jasmine ric
  • Eastern-Up Close

    Public; Location: Cheney and Spokane Founded: 1882 Student Body: 9,235 School Starts: Sept. 25 Tuition: $3,357/year Phone: (509) 359-6200 Web: Hangouts Off-campus: Once again as always, Showies is still the most popular hango
  • Now You're Cookin'

    So, your wardrobe's selected -- whether it's thrift- shop chic or downtown casual -- and you have a pretty good idea about what classes you're going to take and which activities you'll try to fit into your schedule. You probably even have
  • SFCC-Up Close

    Public. Location: West Spokane. Founded: 1967. Student Body: 6,524. School Starts: Sept. 16. Tuition: $ 1,972.35 for three quarters of 15 credits, some lab fees may apply. Phone: (509) 533-3500. Web: Hangouts On
  • DVD Review-Pulp Fiction

    Writer/director Quentin Tarantino's stylish and lurid modern masterpiece is a reference-dropping homage to multiple film genres populated by an unforgettable cast of characters. There's the philosophical hit-men with almost "buddy cop" ra
  • Final At-Bat for Baseball

    When the major league baseball players last went out on strike, our family was in Boston on vacation. We held in our hands three Red Sox tickets, purchased some months earlier for a game to coincide with our visit. For years I had wanted
  • Gonzaga-Up Close

    Hangouts Off-campus: The neighborhood on the eastern boundary of campus is quite happening. Old favorites are Starbucks and Pete's Pizza, but now there's also a huge new Sonic Burrito, and don't forget David's Pizza -- which clearly makes
  • Passing Through

    It was the sign of the times last year when Jason Gesser was rooming with teammates Lamont Thompson and Fred Shavies, noted defensive guys. Mind you, not just any defensive guys -- Shavies, at 6-2, 260 pounds, is a starting defensive line
  • Whitworth-Up Close

    Private, Presbyterian. Location: North Spokane. Founded: 1890. Student Body: 2,089. School Starts: September 4. Tuition: $18,550. Phone: 509-777-3212. Web: Hangouts Off-Campus: What are college students' two favorite th
  • Moovin' In

    The South Perry neighborhood has a flavor all its own -- historic and eclectic. And the new Yellow Cow Caf & eacute; adds a diverse element to this revitalized district. From the antique "Cow Xing" sign on the side of the building to the stained-g
  • Cougar Preview

    The 2002 college football season is finally here -- and you'll have to excuse Cougar football fans and well-wishers if they get a tad teary; it's been five years since they've had this type of attention lobbed onto their football team. La
  • NIC-Up Close

    Public. Location: Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Founded: 1933. Student Body: 4,100+ School Started: August 26. Tuition: $772-$2,632. Phone: 208-769-3300. Web: Hangouts Off-Campus: Nestled on the edge of Lake Coeur d'Alene, NIC studen
  • Season of the Gear Shift

    A great idea can hit you anywhere. For Ken Barrett, it was in a 1967 Datsun Roadster, while he was "bombing around" the tangle of dirt roads on the back side of Schweitzer Mountain. His idea was to find a route where people could ride a mounta
  • A Friend and Neighbor

    One might wonder what ties, if any, Neil LaBute has to Spokane. After all, the 41-year-old director's new film Possession -- which opens Friday -- is an understated romance in the best overdressed-and-repressed British tradition. His previous
  • Walker Talks (Finally) 08/08/02

    In the past year, the dynamic of the River Park Square litigation has changed significantly. And like so many other problems facing us today, you might as well blame it on Enron. Now that it has become clear that relations
  • Game Reviews-Games for Young...

    In the spirit of "back to school," families may want to take stock in the uses to which their home computers are being put. "Teen" and "Mature" rated computer games can be fun, but the intellectual benefits they offer are usually slim.
  • Other Schools-Up Close

    Non-traditional and technical schools offer a variety of courses and class times that can accommodate even the busiest of schedules. A few of these schools in the Spokane area include Apollo College, ITT Technical Institute, Webster Unive
  • U. of Idaho-Up Close

    Public. Location: Moscow, Idaho. Founded: 1889. Student Body: 12,000+. School Started: August 26. Tuition: $3044 per year in state. $9764 per year out of state. Phone: 208-885-6111 or 888-8-UIDAHO. Web: Hangouts Off-C
  • In Brief

    High-Tech Boot Camp SPOKANE -- Technet, also known as the Inland Northwest Technology Alliance, is announcing its Catalyst Awards on Thursday at Northern Quest Casino in Airway Heights. These awards are the nonprofit organization's highes
  • CD Review-Counting Crows

    There is a word for a guy like Adam Duritz, the lead singer and head songwriter for the Counting Crows: that word is pretentious. There was a time when he was called a genius, but after you hear the songs on his band's latest CD an
  • Color on Campus

    Carlos Maldonado grew up working in the fields, not because his family owned a farm but because they were migrant farm workers. Moving from farm to farm, following the crop cycles and the weather patterns was just part of ordinary life fo
  • Citizen Bill

    Bill McDonough, keynote speaker at May's One Spokane summit, is known worldwide for his visionary ideas and his willingness to tackle issues that may seem far-flung from his architectural background. Often he's complimented by clients fo
  • Stuck on You

    The Epoxies picked up precisely where New Wave left off in the early '80s, gathering the shattered, forgotten remnants of that once powerfully manic and entertaining pop force and hit the clubs -- with guitars and synths blazing and enough

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