Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Satellite has a 'skinny girls' menu?

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When I first heard that the Satellite Diner was offering a new Skinny Girls’ menu, promising to help me look great in my swimsuit just in time for summer, I honestly thought it was some kind of joke. While healthier eating options are becoming de rigueur, the menu seemed incongruous to me at a diner known for serving up calorie-laden breakfasts to late-night party-goers.

The Skinny Girls’ menu features several “waistline-conscious appetizers” and sugar-free cocktails. Low-calorie libations include a sassy Skinny Bitch Margarita and the Berry Blast — weighing in at a hefty 8 calories. The Little Black Dress section of the menu features wines by the glass — no offensive names involved.

“You can’t offer the menu to everyone,” says server Robin Glenn, who doesn’t want to suggest that her customers should be watching their figures. She has learned how to tactfully offer the new, lighter-fare menu: “We just say we have a healthy menu, called Skinny Girls, but it’s for everyone.” Glenn explains that the menu was inspired by owner Colleen Freeman, who has celiac disease and wanted some healthier options for diners.

When I ordered the Jezebel Chicken Skewers ($8), there was some commotion in the kitchen, several cooks gathering around the grill. I thought they might be comparing me to the shameless biblical queen. Turns out, they were discussing how the dish should be prepared: It seems I was the first customer to order from the week-old Skinny Girls’ menu.

The skewers arrived with the promised “wildly delicious sweet and spicy Jezebel sauce,” something akin to orange marmalade and sweet chili sauce combined. The chicken was a bit simple for my taste, but my 4-year-old son enjoyed every bite of his Skinny Girl lunch. The menu also offers Vietnamese-style spring rolls, shrimp cocktails and a Mediterranean plate with hummus, roasted peppers and olives.

They’re clearly still getting their skinnier house in order over there, but it’s nice to know there are options besides the bacon and cheese omelet and smothered fries. Not that I’m thinking about my swimsuit body when I’m in the Satellite. But if I were…

Satellite Diner, 425 W. Sprague, is open Mon-Fri 7 am-4 am; opens at 8 am on weekends. Call 624-3952.


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