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KXLY gives Spokane Scorn their due. Kind of.

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Last month in our April 27 issue, we covered the uprising of Spokane’s only all-female tackle football team, the Spokane Scorn. Last we had checked in with them, they were reeling from their first game (a 0-40 loss against the Utah Blitz) and preparing for their first home game, on April 30 against the Portland Fighting Phillies, which they lost 0-12. Following that, another loss to the Phillies, 12-22.

That’s why we were absolutely titillated to hear in a KXLY story last week that our ferocious ladies had finally, in their 4th game, claimed a victory.

But against who? And what was the score?

While the Scorn hadn't officially announced their victory on their Facebook or website, one would assume that if one were reporting on a story and, say, literally standing there talking to players, coaches and fans while filming their victory for television news, one would probably mention the score. Or the other team. How much airtime can that suck up — like, five seconds?

KXLY’s story focused narrowly on the girl-power element. Fair. These girls are kicking ass. But shouldn’t that coverage also include their accomplishments? These women are out there playing football, and they want to be taken seriously.

“This is not a lingerie league. These girls are serious, they’re out there working their butts off,” said team captain Amber Clark in her April interview with The Inlander.

The quest for equality isn’t going to come from patting ladies on the back for tossing a football. It will come from giving their game the same small courtesies given to men’s teams. Like posting that number they earned. Like men’s teams, these scores have real, serious implications for the Scorn’s progression and success, and it’s something fans want to know about, and the women deserve to be proud of.

In any case, the scores are up on the Women’s Football Alliance site, which we located in, like, five seconds.

So, without further, unnecessary adieu: The Spokane Scorn took out the Utah Blitz 26-20. Congrats, ladies. You earned it.

Also, the game took place on May 21. KXLY broke the story May 26.


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