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The Interview hits the big screen in Spokane tonight, N. Idaho already had it

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The Interview ... the film that launched a few million hacked Sony emails into the public view ... the film that then caused Sony to freak the hell out and pull the movie from theaters ... the film that North Korea was really, really pissed off about and made all of the aforementioned things happen... is finally coming to a big screen in Spokane today.

You'll remember that Sony caved to threats from the allegedly North Korean hackers who said they'd wreak havoc on any theater that showed the film and so the production company behind the Seth Rogen-powered film pulled its December 25 release.

Now, that film is set to open at the Garland Theater tonight. The film has been appearing in small theaters throughout the country, while the megaplexes have continued to shy away from the tale of Rogen and James Franco as the TV producers tasked by the CIA to kill North Korean demigod/porkchop/dictator Kim Jung Un.

You wouldn't think Spokanites would give in to the North Koreans, did you? After all, we already conquered them in a remake of Red Dawn a few years ago.

Surprisingly, the brave patriots of North Idaho, who ain't afraid of shit, have already had The Interview in theaters for a while now. The Bonner Mall Cinemas outside of Sandpoint has had the film since Christmas Day. And the Hayden Discount Cinemas is also screening the film, which apparently isn't really that great. 

As you likely know, The Interview is available from the comfort of your own home. It's streaming on every platform you can think of, even your cable provider's Video on Demand menu. And Sony has already raked in $31 million from this avenue alone. Still, Kim Jong Un probably gets super, super fussy when you watch it with a bunch of strangers in a theater. Be a patriot and head to the movies.

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