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Ayn Rand, Dead Heads and other bumper stickers at the Ted Cruz rally in Idaho

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Cruz wins Idaho: 45 percent of the vote state wide, and 44 percent in Kootenai County, where he spoke last Saturday. 

I showed up late (and a little buzzed) to the rally, so instead of standing out in the mud listening to the presidential hopeful talk through some speakers, I sought to capture the true flavor of a Ted Cruz rally in North Idaho. 

Because you can tell a lot about people by the sticker on the back of their car.
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Honestly, after all this, even Atlas doesn't even care who you vote for.

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Ted Cruz will stand up against the Easterlings, who invade the Hithlum border at the orders of Morgoth. Ted Cruz does not believe that deposing Sauron is a responsible use of the Gondorian Army. Ted Cruz believes the federal lands of Mirkwood Forest should be returned to the people of Idaho.

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Jerry would be a huge Cruz supporter, obviously.

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Archie was right. There's no need to choose between Betty or Veronica. Love doesn't make you choose.

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A Cruz supporter who takes a bold stand against both farms and food.

click to enlarge obamalies.freedomdies.accord.redacted.jpg

"Had enough?" the car asks. "The only way to stop the sheer quantity of bumper stickers on this car is to vote Republican."

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At the risk of being pedantic, bad guys with guns can also stop bad guys with guns. This is basically what's going on the Middle East.

click to enlarge prius.buygun.pissoffliberal.jpg

And the winner is: "How 'bout I put my CARBON FOOTPRINT up your liberal ass" ... on a Prius 

click to enlarge shit.truck.jpg

Poop. He's talking about poop. 

click to enlarge not.liberal.jpg

Not a Liberal. He prefers the term "Progressive."

click to enlarge jeep.meat.jpg

FACT CHECK: In fact, the word "vegetarian" is a relatively recent linguistic invention, popularized in 1839, a mashup of vegetable and "agrarian."

click to enlarge hilter.montecarlo.jpg

Germany finally found it underneath the couch cushions 

click to enlarge bernie.jpg

Deep in Enemy Territory, Bernie Bro fears nothing. Nothing but trace amounts of gluten. 

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Now this guy understands conservatism. It isn't what you add that makes something conservative. It's what you take away.

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This is why Starbucks lady carries. She never knows when she's going to run into a live rattlesnake.

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This Reagan guy makes some interesting points. I wonder why conservatives never mention him.

click to enlarge save.trees.jpg

Nice Carson sticker, but... THE DOCTOR IS OUT.

Daniel Walters contributed snark
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