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Trump praises Saddam, Hillary's emails mention Spokane, and more news of the day

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click to enlarge Trump praises Saddam, Hillary's emails mention Spokane, and more news of the day
Donald Trump may be controversial now, the Republican National Committee promises us, but he can change, he can change!


Pardon the Interruption
Does it count as an interruption if the person stopped talking a second and a half ago? The Inlander, in response to David Condon's ethics investigation, investigates.  

But What Does that Have To Do With The Price of Groceries in Spokane?

Plenty of people are stoked about a new grocery store coming to Spokane. But... at... what... cost?

The Reason for the Treason

We review Our Kind of Traitor which features edge-of-your-seat "slow-boiling story about a poetry professor" action


Full Houses
The rental vacancy rate in Spokane is at a crazy low level. The Spokesman-Review investigates why, and what the impact is. [Spokesman-Review}

Not One of the Top Secret Ones Presumably 
Woo! We got mentioned in Hillary's emails! Spokane doesn't suck after all! [KREM]

Shell Shocked

SCRAPS workers busy themselves in the post-4th of July world where pets have gone mad. [Spokesman-Review]

My Main Man, Saddam Hussein 
There's a T-shirt that with Hitler holding flowers above the slogan, "What About all the GOOD things Hitler did?" That, but instead of Hitler, Saddam, and instead of an ironic T-shirt, it's a sincere Trump statement. [CNN]

Have There Been Any Sexual Harassment Complaints Lodged Against Roger? 
Yes. Gretchen Carlson is officially suing Fox News head honcho Roger Ailes for sexual harassment. [CNN]

Despite sounding super-smart with his British accent, Tony Blair wasn't very smart when it came to Iraq intel, it turns out. [New York Times]

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