Saturday, November 6, 2010


Posted on Sat, Nov 6, 2010 at 12:19 PM

Of Stellar Brilliance. You drew my blood with eloquence & skill, me feeling no pain, but feeling something more ethereal & consuming. No, it was not the sharp scent of English lavender that caused my light headedness; it was you, most certainly. Do you not notice the heat of my blood as it rushed into each tube you held? My sizzling blood was not from fever, but the effect that your loveliness had upon my physiology. Do you recall that little jump I made when you inserted the needle into my vein? It was not a wince of pain, my dear, but the jolt to my heart when your electrifying touch made contact with my skin. Admiring your face, so exquisitely beautiful, as you filled each colored tube was maddening, causing me to crave you most constantly. The hug that you gave me afterwards, for my bravery, made nearly caused me to spin you toward me, and kiss you so deeply, that the buttons of your lab coat would pop off, had you been wearing one. Alas, you may be 2,500,000 light years away, but please, come closer, for I dance among your stars and await your arrival each night. Meet me at NGC 206 and I shall unchain the lady in red.


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