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Best Brunch: Bruncheonette

Best Brunch: Bruncheonette
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At Bruncheonette, food is made from scratch as much as possible, including this verde hash.

Bruncheonette is now a popular spot for all things brunch-related, from the sweet to the savory, with a focus on teamwork and making food from scratch. But it all began in 2011 with what started out as a catering company called Couple of Chefs.

The next year, the company added a food truck, voted Spokane's Best Food Truck in 2016. Then finally came Bruncheonette, which opened its doors in October 2016.

Joile Forral, who founded Couple of Chefs with a business partner, says she was able to open Bruncheonette when she found a space in a good location.

Today the restaurant is so busy that Forral no longer runs her catering business or food truck.

Now Bruncheonette's sole owner, Forral is proud to have a team that's passionate about what they do and about providing quality customer service to their guests, she says.

Forral says her favorite dish changes each week, but she consistently loves the shrimp and grits and the tamale waffles, which she describes as a fun take on the savory waffle.

"My staff is really passionate about food, so that makes every dish fun to make because there's so much love that goes into it," Forral says.

Not only does Bruncheonette have great food options, but it has ample cocktails as well. Forral is especially proud of Bruncheonette's mimosa menu, which currently has 19 different mimosas to choose from. Forral says Bruncheonette has a great Bloody Mary as well.

At Bruncheonette, food is made from scratch as much as possible, and if something isn't made from scratch, the cooks use quality ingredients they can stand behind, says Forral.

"We really put a lot of care into what we're making," Forral says.

In the journey from catering business to food truck to restaurant, Forral says she has felt very welcomed in Spokane. As the owner of Bruncheonette, she says she is happy to be here, serving what the restaurant serves.

Most of all, Forral says she is "proud to have a good team and be able to offer Spokane some really good food — brunch food."

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