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Have you been denied medical care due to the overwhelming numbers of COVID-19 patients?

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Nurse Christie Charbonneau at MultiCare Deaconess Hospital.

Lori Remz: Someone I know has been waiting for knee replacement surgery almost from the start of COVID. They had finally been able to schedule it, then delta hit and his surgery is again on hold.

Victorya Rouse: Yes. Had foot surgery canceled due to the number of COVID cases in the hospitals.

Carol McVicker: Yes. A friend had to postpone knee surgery and another heart procedure. Waiting to see about my shoulder.

Leta Grieves: Yup. How come those people who didn't care to follow medical advice and get the vaccine now are treated as priority by the medical community?

A.D. Frank: Just an acquaintance. In August, she was rushed to Deaconess, but was rerouted to Sacred Heart ER. However, she had to wait 11 hours to be seen because the ER at Sacred Heart (as far as she could tell) was only able to handle the influx of COVID patients they'd received.... She is now on hospice, and I wonder if she could have been seen sooner if that would be true today.

Lisa Pacot: Yes. A friend's 14 year old cannot get in for heart surgery. The closest they can get is Sacramento.

Jon Maroni: Not me, but my one-year-old adopted daughter. She was born with a cleft lip and palate. Her lip has been repaired and her palate surgery was scheduled for Sept. 14 but was delayed because her recovery requires admission to the hospital for observation post-surgery. We still have time, but her speech development suffers because her mouth can't physically create certain sound forms. We have time, but ideally this happens right around her first birthday. Hard stuff!

Steve Alburty: Yes, I was supposed to go to Sacred Heart for a special pulmonary PET scan due to a severe respiratory condition. That has now been put on hold.

Travis Nichols: Yes, my dear friend awaiting cancer surgery. ♦

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