Wanna know what even the professionals don't want to make at home? Check out these recommendations from local chefs

Wanna know what even the professionals don't want to make at home? Check out these recommendations from local chefs for dishes they think are impressive and exhausting, both at their own restaurants and other establishments around Spokane.


Travis Dickinson

  • Ceviche-style Ahi & Watermelon 'Tartar' at Cochinito.
  • Pork Dumplings and Mapo Tofu at Gordy's Sichuan Cafe. "So much technique goes into the food at Gordy's. I am certain that if you gave most of us the same ingredients and the recipe for that tofu, it still would somehow never come out the same. There is some magic at play here."

Peter Froese
Gander & Ryegrass

  • Brie ice cream by Austin Conklin, chef de cuisine of Zona Blanca.

Juli Norris

  • Mi Mi Sandwich (with bread baked fresh for every order) at Kasa.
  • Kuni's Grilled Pork at KUNI'S Thai Cuisine. "Chef Kuni makes the best Thai food in Spokane!"

Dan Gonzalez

  • Elote at Kismet because "the production and cooking is a bit dangerous, like putting popcorn in a fryer."
  • Ribeye Poke at Outsider.

Bethe Bowman
Italia Trattoria

  • Squid Ink Fettucine at Italia Trattoria.
  • Pho at Vina Asian Restaurant because "it's a time-consuming broth" that uses six cuts of beef

Elijah Crume
Wild Sage

  • Duck Duck Goose at Wild Sage. "Any time you see things like foie gras, pâté or cassoulet on menus — these are all time consuming and a hassle to make at home. Also, fried foods, because who wants to deal with vats of hot oil in their own kitchen?"

Chad White
Zona Blanca and TT's Barbecue

  • Half Roasted Octopus at Zona Blanca.
  • Okonomiyaki (Japanese savory pancake) at Ruins.
  • The Fancy Nancy handmade meat pies at Heritage Bar and Kitchen.
  • Fried Bologna at Durkin's Liquor Bar.

Shaun Ratty

  • Chicken Ballotine at Bowery. (Which is coming this December and entails a two-day process using every part of a chicken. The breast is deboned and flattened, then stuffed with a sausage made from the thighs and spices, then rolled up and sliced into perfect circles.)
  • Pasta Tasting Menu at Gander & Ryegrass (Homemade sfoglia rolled by hand).

Patrick Dahms
The Davenport hotels

  • Elk Tartare at Table 13. "This dish will be featured at our Oct. 5 Fall Foraged Spiceology Dinner at Table 13. We will also feature this dish as a special for the remainder of October. We procure our wild game meat from a curated and trusted source, ensuring ultimate freshness in a closed cold chain from 'shot to chef.' Truly wild game meat is incredibly difficult to come by. Before serving it raw, a lab probe for microorganisms needs to be taken to be safe."

Adam Hegsted
Eat Good Group (Baba, Republic Tap House + Kitchen, Francaise and more)

  • Broasted Chicken Dinner at Park Inn Bar & Grill, because "fried chicken is such a mess and so much work." Plus, who has a broaster (steamer/roaster combo) at home?

Ian Wingate

  • Rotisserie Cauliflower at Outsider.
  • Taco Whettos (made with beef cheek barbacoa) at Kismet.

Lauren Blumenthal

  • Dante's Meatballs at Sorella, because "although meatballs may seem very simple to most people, this 100-year-old recipe is extremely hard to beat."
  • Polenta Lasagna at Italia Trattoria. "It's so unique and delicious in the most simple and comforting way."

Almaz Ainuu
Queen of Sheba

  • Meat & Veggie Combination Plate at Queen of Sheba, made from scratch with traditional Ethiopian spices. ♦

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