Eating Cheap in Moscow/Pullman

Eight affordable eateries from Black Cypress to Thai Ginger

215 E. Main St., Pullman • 509-334-5800 • Dinner Mon-Sat
The Black Cypress mixes an antique atmosphere and unique cuisine into a truly brilliant union of gourmet food, fine wines and bacon. Highlighting the apparent extreme versatility of bacon, the chefs fuse it with the house balsamic vinaigrette, appetizers and main courses. Their special house bacon is also available for purchase by the package. (TH) TRY Gigante bean soup with feta ($5), House salad ($4, half; $7, full)

226 W. Sixth St., Moscow • 208-882-2739 • Lunch, Dinner
The Coeur D’Alene Brewery is the culmination of everything that is good and right in the world. Well, maybe not everything, but if you are the kind to seek out friendly people, delicious food and local brews, this is a place you should find yourself at immediately. (TH) TRY Beer cheese soup ($6; $7 bread bowl), Huckleberry ale bacon burger ($10)

THE COUG      
900 NE Colorado St., Pullman • 509-332-1265 • Lunch, Dinner Mon-Sun
Let the Coug’s good, cheap beer and burgers inspire you to recall the simple things, like ESPN and the sense of camaraderie that develops only through jukebox sing-alongs. It is the absolute essence of all that a college bar is and should be: fun, relaxed and full of graffiti. (TH) TRY Bleu cheese bacon burger ($6.19), Coug fries ($1.50)

1095 SE Bishop Blvd., Pullman • 509-334-3663 • Lunch, Dinner Mon-Sun   
Fireside reminds us exactly of what would result if a sports bar and mountain lodge had a love child. So if you happen to enjoy watching your favorite team by the fireplace, then you have found your cozy oasis. The dynamic menu and location next to Pullman’s cinema makes the Fireside ideal for the classic “dinner and a movie” night. (TH) TRY Sherry chicken ($7), BLAT burger ($9.29)

231 E. Main St., Pullman • 509-332-4463 • Lunch, Dinner Mon-Sun
The tacky tiki decor of the Loco Grinz, paired with their island barbecue cuisine, will whisk even the chilliest of people away to a brighter, warmer place. Plus, the quick service makes for a positive rethinking of the phrase “fast food.” (TH) TRY Katsu ($4.25 plus two $1-$1.75 sides), mahi mahi ($5.25 plus two $1-$1.75 sides)

105 W. Sixth St. - Moscow, Idaho • 208-882-5914 • Lunch, Dinner Mon-Sat •
Nectar’s warm, twinkling atmosphere makes you feel almost as if you’re comfortably nestled in someone’s home, not in a restaurant. Settle in and enjoy the great service and unique culinary spins on classic food favorites. Also, in all seriousness, we strongly suggest becoming intimately acquainted with the chocolate soufflé. (TH) TRY Mac ‘n’ cheese ($9), Grilled flatbread pizza ($9)

533 S. Main St., Moscow, Idaho • 208-883-3537 • Lunch, Dinner
One World Café is a sanctuary for artists and musicians, food enthusiasts and dog owners alike. The two-story café is half windows, providing brightness yet still remaining pleasantly cozy. Check out their host of local art and music while enjoying the company of friends — furry or otherwise. (TH) TRY Almond cranberry spinach salad ($4.75), Curry tuna pear salad sandwich ($5.25)

300 S. Grand Ave., Pullman • 509-334-0477  • Lunch and Dinner
If you don’t mind enduring a slightly tacky atmosphere for brilliant food, then start your voyage to Thai Ginger. The soup is served in a flaming bowl and the peanut sauce is so delicious, its memory will haunt you for days. (TH) TRY Curry or Tom Yum Soup (vegetarian or tofu) ($7)

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