Money for Fairchild could go to wall, descendants of slaves return to U.S., and other headlines


TECH: Say goodbye to those embarrassing selfies you took on your flip phone in 2007. MySpace lost a bunch of data uploaded before 2016. Honestly, this was probably for the best.

LOCAL: Average daily attendance is down by 57 percent at Spokane's ice ribbon, but park officials say that's to be expected.


Zags gonna zag

Among No. 1 seeds, Sports Illustrated's Jon Rothstein says the Zags have the most difficult path forward. Video:

The story of the Mascogos
Not all slaves fled North. Some made their way into Mexico, dropping English for Spanish, but still holding onto much of their culture. A Washington Post profile on the Mascogos, about 60 African American families who fled the American South for Mexico, shows how many of them are now coming back to the United States for work. 

Border wall news
Money could be funneled from a Fairchild Air Force Base project to fund the president's wall. State officials aren't too keen on this. (Spokesman-Review)

The deeds of Devin
Devin Nunes — brace yourself — is suing Twitter over two parody accounts. It's mostly bogus but there could be a larger game plan involving the Supreme Court, the Washington Post reports in this analysis.

We're No. 41!
Spokane made the top 100 on, apparently. (Spokesman-Review)

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