Newport smelter meetings scheduled, new ISIS battle shaping up and more headlines

Newport smelter meetings scheduled, new ISIS battle shaping up and more headlines
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An anti-smelter sign near the site of the proposed smelter.


NEWS: The Washington Department of Ecology will host public meetings regarding the proposed silicon smelter in Newport beginning next week. We have the dates here.

NATION: Hurricane Florence looks like it could be a rough one. Evacuations have been ordered.

ART: An exhibit featuring art from homeless and formerly homeless people, Eye Contact: A Homeless Art Exhibit, will be displayed tomorrow night at the Washington Cracker Co. Building.


Eight jail deaths, 14 months

People frustrated with the rash of jail deaths in Spokane demonstrated with a march to the courthouse yesterday, the Spokesman-Review reported.

“We’re here because everybody understands: Eight deaths in 14 months while in police custody is unacceptable,” local pastor Walter Kendricks told the newspaper.

From ISIS to Bye-SIS

Syrian, Iraqi and Kurdish forces, backed by U.S. forces, are squeezing what remains of the Islamic State in the Syrian city of Hajin. While coalition forces have made strides to minimize the self-proclaimed caliphate, the terrorist organization will likely remain in the years to come. The remnants residing in Hajin are also not likely to give up without a major fight, the New York Times reports.

Seriously ambitious climate plans

California Gov. Jerry Brown announced an extremely ambitious climate plan for the state to rely entirely on clean energy by 2045. The L.A. Times reports more on it here.

This would be a huge deal if passed. Vox energy and climate writer had this to say:

“If California really did this — if the world’s fifth-largest economy really targeted economy-wide carbon neutrality by 2045 — it would be the most significant carbon policy commitment ever. Anywhere. Period. It would yank the Overton window open, radically expanding the space of climate policy possibilities.”

The Mueller-Trump poll
A new poll shows that more people approve of special counsel Robert Mueller than they do President Donald Trump. Polling also shows that 47 percent of Americans support the impeachment of the president, which has grown since June. (CNN)

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