On the Street

What new crafts, hobbies or activities have you taken up during the past year?

Katie Woodson: I've taken up cross-stitch. I did it as a kid and now am having so much fun with it.

Caya Berndt: Farming. I've harvested two whole fields of blueberries so far! (In my digital farm in the video game Stardew Valley.)

Valerie AVerybrady Rongey: Chewing on my cuticles. I graduated from chewing off my fingernails.

William Benge: Learning to eat with a fork.

Renei Yarrow: I tried watercolor last spring. I didn't stick with it. Depression sure makes creating challenging.

Jennifer Benge: Hand knitted my first blanket and then moved on to painting happy hours, via Zoom, with friends.

Jacqui Nelson: Painting, embroidery, more dedicated writing, and taking piano lessons!

Cheryl Miller: Quilting.

Matt Duelge: Climbing volcanoes and mountains. In general, getting back out into nature.

Cheryl Shawlee: Volunteering at a local food bank and thrift store!!

Alana Barclay: I went back to school to get my master's degree. Not a hobby but it sucks up all my free time.

Blaise Barshaw: Double speed eye rolling. ♦


Normally, we ask our question of the week of people we randomly encounter on the street. But with the coronavirus pandemic, we instead asked our followers on social media to share their thoughts.

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