On the Street

What do you think of Spokane's new flag?

On the Street
Spokane's new flag designed by Derek Landers.

Josephine Keefe: LOVE IT! There's nothing "coastal" about it. Hello, Spokane is built around a raging river. The design has a flow and movement with modern lines that's refreshing to see on a flag. It's paying homage to the beautiful region, not another (*yawn) skyline silhouette.

Donna Jean Lee-Byrd: I like the design, but see two things that should be addressed. This looks like a tsunami, not a river. Secondly, it also looks like the Palouse area. I would like to see something more inductive to "our area." Aside from that, I love this flag. Kudos to the designer, it is beautiful.

Felicia Diamond: I had zero idea this was a thing that was happening, and I'm really sad I didn't get to see the other options. But this is pretty. I like the sun and river. I think the green should be a lilac, but oh well.

Barb Laidlaw Murphy: I can't remember which one I voted for. But this is definitely better than what they had. Now let's work on a new state flag. Ours is called "seal in a bedsheet " by people who understand effective flag design.

Blaise Barshaw: I love it. I was expecting a pavilion, clock tower, lilac clip-art catastrophe. This is sleek, modern and won't go out of style next year or decade. Bravo.

Tiffany Renee Osborn: After watching the TED Talk on flag design, I think this is great! What an improvement.

Sharma Shields: I dig it! Simple and lovely, symbolically puts the Spokane Tribe first and foremost (Children of the Sun), highlights the river, showcases our golds and greens and blues that I love so much about the Inland Northwest, its prairies and water and evergreens. I think it's so strange that people think flags should be wildly complicated in their design (what flag has an intricate design? Also: Don't they understand another human being made this? The malice is strange and off-putting to me.) Anyway, I voted for this one, thumbs up. ♦


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