Tuesday, January 18, 2011

MORNING HEADLINES: Food distributors, not bomb distributors

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Great floods In North Idaho, numerous roads, from the Coeur d'Alene river to Cataldo, have been closed due to flooding. That's what happens when there's heavy rain and melting snow. (SR)

Backpack bomb? If you must drop a suspicious package along a heavily traveled parade route, don't pick Martin Luther King day to do it. Thanks to a city working finding a n odd backpack near the INB performing arts center, the parade was rerouted, the bomb squad -- and a robot -- was sent out to investigate it, and, finally, the backpack was disrupted. There's still no information whether the backpack had any type of explosive in it. The FBI is now investigating it. (KXLY)

No backyard in my big business It's common for a residential neighborhood to oppose construction of a nearby commercial development. But in Post Falls, a business -- food distributor Sysco -- is opposing the development of a high-density residential neighborhood over concerns of their truck noise or possible chemical refrigerant leaks. (CDAP)

Drink up Those comedians who spend much of their routine mocking how Starbucks sizes are named are about to get four or five minutes of new material. When the venti just isn't enough coffee to make the drive to work without falling asleep, try the "trenta." Italian for "30," the trenta is a full 31 ounces (thanks for the bonus ounce, Starbucks!)For those keeping track of American excess, that's one ounce short of a Big Gulp. (KREM)

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