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TRAILER THURSDAY: Rise of the Planet of the Trollhunters edition

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An observational documentary following the daily routines of an elderly fashion photographer for The New York Times named Bill. Making sure the viewer is aware he is undergoing an eviction battle for his apartment, the film then portrays his ability to find joys in the most modest of moments while balancing his humble and diminishing personal life with his high-pressure and high-class profession. An inspiring and refreshing throwback to the glory days of uncluttered documentaries. (EW) Unrated; at Magic Lantern 

When two longtime pals who lead very different lives (Jason Bateman, Ryan Reynolds) get too drunk, pee in a public fountain, and say the wrong words at the right time, they suddenly take part in the old Hollywood standby of switching bodies. The wild single guy now has a family. The family man can now go on the prowl. And that’s before dealing with their careers. The film veers into cliché a couple of times, but there are also plenty of new wrinkles in the formula, and some fine acting and reacting by the two leads. Funny and raunchy, with just a smidge of warmth. (ES) Rated R

So before the Planet of the Apes was the Planet of the Apes, it was Earth (sorry to spoil that, for you, but if you haven’t seen that 40-year-old movie by now, you were asking for it). This film, as you might expect, takes place there, pre-ape-conquest. Then, we get to see the conquest. James Franco, in another puzzling career choice, stars. (LB) Rated PG

Going the Blair Witch route of fake documentary made up of “found footage,” this Norwegian entry tells of some college film students who start following a fellow who turns out to be a secret government agent tasked with keeping Norway’s gigantic Trolls in order, or killing them if they wreak any havoc. And yup, much havoc is wreaked. This is low budget filmmaking at its best, with just enough money put aside to create some astonishing visual effects right where they’re needed. It’s funny and scary and compelling, and I’d bet that if the know-how was there, we’d even be able to smell these stinky monsters. (ES) Rated PG-13

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