Friday, August 10, 2012

CAT FRIDAY: A few awesome cat-related Tumblrs

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Looking at pictures of cats, or videos of cats, on the Internet has become a favorite pastime of office workers sitting at desks all day, and just about anyone else who's got a computer and wants to put off doing whatever else they really should be doing instead.

To add some variation to your online cat-viewing procrastination routine, we present you with some superbly awesome cat-related Tumblrs (and a few other random web-hosting platforms...).

This site was inspired by a typo one unfortunate person made when they really meant to say the Affordable Care Act. 

Fluffy kittens with their whiskers backlit by the setting sun, sleeping cats, dreaming cats in soft, muted lighting - this site is for people who like to take or look at "artsy" photos of cats.

For the more hardcore cat lovers out there, this site should suit your style.

The cats featured on this site like to get in things or places that cats usually aren't supposed to be.

Here's few other sites that we think you should definitely check out for some addictive clicking and pro-cat-ination!

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