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FILM: What's hitting movie theaters this week

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The Shape of Water
  • The Shape of Water

The question I've been asked most in the last couple months: "When is The Shape of Water finally going to play in Spokane?" Well, it'll finally be here this week, and with a whopping 13 Oscar nominations, the most of any other film this year, to its name.

Other than that, here's what you can look forward to in movie theaters this week.

HOSTILES (2 stars)
A racist military man (Christian Bale) is forced to transport a dying Cheyenne chief (Wes Studi) to his homeland in the 1890s. Scott Cooper’s brutal tale of frontier justice is, MaryAnn Johanson says, unfortunately far more concerned with the redemption of the white man than the Native American experience. Rated R.

Yes, they’re still making Maze Runner movies, and in this third and final installment, our generic post-apocalyptic hero and his friends must escape yet another trap-filled labyrinth. Or something. Rated PG-13.

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A woman claims she was sexually harassed by a Stevens County employee, and a second one tried to cover it up

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More turmoil inside the Stevens County Courthouse. - C HANCHEY
  • C Hanchey
  • More turmoil inside the Stevens County Courthouse.

The woman didn't think anyone would believe her. She says that's why she began to secretly record the supervisor of her court-ordered work crew commenting on her breasts, her intimate relationship with her husband and her "sex appeal."

Last Friday, the woman, identified here by her initials R.B., filed a claim for damages in Stevens County, where the alleged harassment took place. The claim for $2.5 million accuses Pat Walsh, who used to supervise jail work crews, of making "boorish and highly inflammatory and offensive statements" about R.B., as well as Stevens County employees and others on the work crew.

"What he said is enough to make Trump blush," says Brendan Kidd, the Spokane attorney representing R.B.

The claim also accuses Stevens County District Court Administrator Nadine Borders of trying to cover up the harassment by telling the head of another department to investigate the allegations, but to "keep this between us."
Stevens County District Court Judge Gina Tveit
  • Stevens County District Court Judge Gina Tveit

Finally, the claim says that Stevens County District Court Judge Gina Tveit — who presided over the DUI case that landed R.B. on the work crew in the first place — overstepped her judicial objectivity and retaliated against R.B. for reporting the harassment.

Tveit denies that she retaliated against R.B. or that she overstepped her role, but declined to comment further.

Borders says via email that "the actual facts are significantly different than what has been stated in the tort claim," but also declined to elaborate due to the potential lawsuit.

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Spokane schools find soap in milk, twins might not both be US citizens, morning headlines

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Tackling teen pregnancy
Spokane County teens get pregnant at a higher rate than the rest of the state, but health officials say better education in schools could help.

Radical change through... bathroom design?
Toilets on a carousel? Or facing each other in an open-air circle? Artist Keenan Bennett explores how the bathrooms once used as meeting places for gay men could again break social boundaries, with a new interactive art installation inspired in part by Riverfront Park.


Systematic abuse
Over multiple days, more than 160 women shared their stories of abuse by Lawrence Nassar, once a doctor for U.S. gymnasts and athletes, as a Michigan judge and Nassar himself listened to their stories at his sentencing hearing. Here are their words, compiled by the New York Times.

Milky, not milk
Spokane schools have pulled a whole batch of milk cartons from lunchrooms after multiple students opened chocolate milk containers to find a milky substance that school officials believed to be cleaning solution that the manufacturer would normally flush between filling regular and chocolate milk containers, the Spokesman-Review reports.

Spokane students found a soapy substance in their milk cartons this week. - YOUNG KWAK
  • Young Kwak
  • Spokane students found a soapy substance in their milk cartons this week.

Twins have different chances of US citizenship
A gay couple in Los Angeles is fighting for their kid's rights in court after the government denied citizenship to one of their twin boys, while granting it for the other, because one son has his Israeli father's DNA, while the other has his American father's DNA, the Guardian reports.
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