A Walk in the Park

Summer Guide 2020

Young Kwak photo

We live in a part of the world that is heaven on Earth for the outdoorsy among us. We're within an hour or two, in all directions, of roaring rivers, majestic mountains and deep, unbroken wilderness. I'll never forget moments like a Memorial Day hike along Lake Pend Oreille just after dawn, or when as a kid I climbed to a fire lookout in the Seven Devils with a view that extended to three states. We are surrounded by awe-inspiring natural experiences.

Honestly, though, most of the time, I'd rather just go to the park.

I could walk out my front door and be at Manito Park in a matter of minutes. When I lived in Browne's Addition I could do the same, but the park had a river instead of a pond. One of the best things about Spokane is how well our community has allowed natural beauty to survive in the middle of our city. There's something magical about sitting on a shady rock in Edwidge Woldson Park and looking out at the skyline, mere blocks away. The view isn't as good as it is just above, on Cliff Drive, because it's obstructed by trees. That's what I like about it. You can be surrounded by hustle and bustle, and a forest, too.

No matter where you are around town, there's a place like this within walking distance. Probably quite a few.

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