Question of the Week

Inspired by the upcoming release of Dune, what's another movie you'd like to see updated or remade?

Bob Jenson: I'd rather see a classic like Ringworld made than something else remade.

Mary Baker: The Neverending Story, only this time Artax doesn't die. Man, that was traumatic as a kid.

Josephine Keefe: Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf, directed by Jordan Peele. I LOVE the original, but it would be so cool to see that film get a refresh and change in lens.

Shawn Toole: World War Z but as an HBO series so the book can be done justice.

Alyssa SmAnderson: We don't want remakes.

Samantha Johnson: Enemy Mine.

Erin Sellers: Eragon! So botched the first time. I'd love to see it remade by Disney+.

Beth Ann Johnson: I am tired of remakes; someone get the Screenwriters Guild a library card, please. I don't need a new Cinderella when there are a thousand folk and fairy tales all over the world to tell. How about making Herman Wouk's Don't Stop the Carnival into a film? How about making Five Segments of the Orange by Joanne Harris? Excellent book. Please quit recycling scripts. Give us original stories.

Stephanie Lynn: Nosferatu.

Alex Cox: Keep rehashing our childhoods and selling them back to us, playing on nostalgia for profit, and to keep us distracted from the goings on in the world. No thanks. ♦

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