Thursday, May 28, 2015

Be ready for Volume now! Everything you need to know

Posted By on Thu, May 28, 2015 at 3:33 PM


Tomorrow, Volume is here. That’s right, two music-packed days featuring nearly 100 bands spanning nine downtown locations. It sounds crazy, we know, but we’re up for the challenge. To prepare mentally and physically for this fantastic event we’ve put together a couple of pointers for you. We can’t wait to see you all there!

Get Tickets
Today is the last day to buy wristbands online at or at the Inlander office for $20. Otherwise buy them at the festival tomorrow at the Volume headquarters tent at Sprague and Washington from 5-9 pm Friday and 5-8 pm Saturday. Will Call tickets are also held at this tent. Friday, the cost moves to $30 for both nights or $20 for a single night, and we’re taking both cash and credit card at the Will Call/Volume headquarters tent.

What the Wristband Gets You
Access to all Volume music venues, the circulating party trolley and special deals at select Spokane businesses.

Make Your Own Schedule
The full up-to-date schedule is here. Most exciting, you can make your own lineups on our website just by making your own account. Then at the festival, pull up your schedule on your phone. Check out our curated lineups, such as the best bands to dance to and let loose to here.

Social Media
Use the #Volume509 hashtag or #INVolume on Twitter and Instagram to share what you’re up to. Follow us on Twitter at @TheInlander and get updates on shows and venue lines on the Inlander and Volume Facebook pages.

Who’s Playing
It is physically impossible to see every single band playing this year, but , if you’re like us, you’ll try to see all the acts anyway. This year, we have bands making everything from funk to hip-hop, Americana to soul. While Volume is a celebration of local acts, there’s also regional and national talent flying in for the event. We highly recommend checking out this year’s Bands to Watch … and everyone else.

What to Wear
Footwear is the biggest thing here. Wear shoes that you can comfortably run around in. Other than that, it’s all about feeling good — and probably don’t wear anything described here.

What’s Open to All-Ages
In short, those under 21 can see any show at the Bartlett, Pinnacle Northwest and the Big Dipper, and shows until 9 pm at Neato Burrito. Also, the Som & Cheddar Chad Soul Brunch at Boots at 10 am on Saturday is open to all. That event features DJs Breezy Brown and Supervillain.

What Else You Might Want to Buy
Volume T-Shirts ($20), drink specials at venues (ask the bartender) and band merch.
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Pre-Volume pop-up mini concert at the Inlander hits tonight

Posted By on Thu, May 28, 2015 at 10:35 AM

Volume will be here soon enough. But to get you in the musical state of mind, the Inlander hosts a Pre-Volume pop-up mini concert tonight on the Centennial Trail behind our headquarters in Kendall Yards. Featuring Stevie Lynne — a local singer-songwriter who recently released the new album, Liars, who is set to perform at the Bing Crosby Theater June 12 — the show starts at 5:30 pm.

This is the first time the Inlander is offering a backyard concert. The public is more than welcome to bring chairs and/or food to the event. Expect the show to run a quick 20 to 30 minutes. 
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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Bands to Watch: Where are they now?

Posted By on Wed, May 27, 2015 at 4:29 PM

66beat was named a Band to Watch in 2013 and are playing this year's Volume. - CHAD RAMSEY
  • Chad Ramsey
  • 66beat was named a Band to Watch in 2013 and are playing this year's Volume.

For the past decade, the Inlander has selected five (or so) bands per year that you should be watching. These are the bands proving how original and talented the local music scene is. Ten years in, we’re checking in on our past Bands to Watch, formerly known as Buzzworthy Bands. Just scanning through the list of old names should bring back memories of venues and concerts past. We’ll be the first to admit that many of these bands have long broken up, but other artists have gone on to move past the Spokane rock scene and many are performing at this year's Volume. 

Weight: A hard-edged instrumental three-piece that’s now broken up, scattered into the wind.
Belt of Vapor: The Spokane band is as loud as ever, still kickin’ up mischief around town.
Locke & the Chris Wilson 5: The funk-jazz-hop oufit has since parted ways.
Mylestone: Broken up, but Patrick O’Neill moved to Seattle and started Like Lions, which now tours here.
Burns Like Hellfire: Gone but resurrected later in some capacity as Silver Treason.

Flee the Century: A wild, heavy electronic-rock act that reunites occasionally, including for this year’s Volume, which kicks off a mini Northwest tour. 
La Cha-Cha: The members of this rock four-piece have all gone their separate ways.
Teevee: A rock ’n’ roll trio that is no longer together.
Seaweed Jack: A dance-rock outfit that’s since moved on to other projects.
Coretta Scott: They toured nationally and released a record on Rise Records, but are now broken up.

Cyrus Fell Down: Broken up, but frontman David Plell moved to Seattle and continues to make strange music.
For Years Blue: They won Seattle's Sound Off battle of the bands competition, played Bumbershoot and then parted ways.
Mistress & the Misters: The strange-rock band has since broken up.
James Pants: The local DJ has since moved to Germany, where he works as a studio engineer and is affiliated with the Red Bull Music Academy.
Hockey: The California band lived in Spokane for a while, then moved to Portland and are still going strong, with just one of their original members.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Sasquatch! 2015: The fashions people wear in the wilderness

Posted By on Tue, May 26, 2015 at 4:48 PM

Butts are the new big thing this summer. - LAURA JOHNSON
  • Laura Johnson
  • Butts are the new big thing this summer.

They packed up their banana suits, their flower children costumes and the tiniest booty shorts they could find. For so many Sasquatch! Music Festival attendees, it’s all about the wardrobe. Some people have clearly planned their costumes for weeks, others choose to wear not much of anything at all. Here are some of the highlights/lowlights from the Memorial Day Weekend festival.

- Oh Captain! My captain! The nautical captain hat is still huge.
This guy fashioned a cardboard shawl out of last night's beverage containers. - LAURA JOHNSON
  • Laura Johnson
  • This guy fashioned a cardboard shawl out of last night's beverage containers.
- Glad to see Seattle Mariners hats made more of an appearance than Toronto Blue Jays hats (there were more of the latter last year).
- I only saw one of those full Indian headdresses. So glad those are going away. Hopefully, we’ll see less of the sombreros and the rice paddy hats next year.
- The flower headband is as strong as ever. Some went too far, however, wearing what looked like a whole shrub wrapped around their head.
- (Faux) Animal fur caps were super hot, in more ways than one.
- Don’t forget the large-brimmed circle hat isn’t just for Californians or hipsters. So many have one now.

Unlike most of the other fashion statements, which don’t translate to the real world, the butt-out trend is hugely on point for summer (see above). That’s right, booty shorts for women are currently the bee’s knees. And I don’t mean normal short-shorts, I mean so short the cheeks peek out. For any female who feels empowered, self-reliant and beautiful wearing these sorts of clothes, that’s awesome. For everyone else, you have my permission to not wear them. Know that it’s OK to have your butt covered. Know that it’s OK to buck the trends and wear full ass-covering bottoms. Know that personality and intellect get you much further in this world than how fine your butt looks, girl.

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Six things I learned at Sasquatch!

Posted By on Tue, May 26, 2015 at 10:01 AM

  • Laura Johnson
Father John Misty should come dance in Spokane soon. - LAURA JOHNSON
  • Laura Johnson
  • Father John Misty should come dance in Spokane soon.
We are now back to our regularly scheduled program. This morning, thousands of music fans exited the Gorge Amphitheater campgrounds after yet another year at Sasquatch! music  festival. They are sunburned, sore, most likely hungover and will need to shower at least twice to get all the grime off. Many of them are headed straight to work today.

As always, it was worth it. Here are six things learned at Sasquatch! 2015.

6. Father John Misty and St. Vincent should do a show together and just dance
These two put on some of the best shows of the whole festival. Saturday night, Father John Misty (aka Joshua Tillman) flung himself around stage in what was almost a parody of rock star dance moves. His depressive tunes rocked harder than expected and he flailed around with great flair (and to great applause). Meanwhile, St. Vincent (aka Annie Clark) took over the main stage on Sunday and never let go. Her dance moves included a lot of shuffling around the stage like a robot and bobbing her guitar back and forth. At the end of the set she crowd-surfed, got back on stage and fell over, as if the audience had killed her. So dramatic, both of them. They should collaborate immediately.

Sasquatch! 2015 festival goers getting into their best Warrior Three yoga position Saturday morning. - LAURA JOHNSON
  • Laura Johnson
  • Sasquatch! 2015 festival goers getting into their best Warrior Three yoga position Saturday morning.
5. Kids are capable of paying respect to Robert Plant
There was this small worry (on my part) that people wouldn’t show up for his set. Thankfully, even if kids just barely old enough to drink don’t know who Robert Plant is, they are familiar with Led Zeppelin. Closing out the main stage Sunday night, more people stuck around for the whole show than for Sleater-Kinney or Modest Mouse the nights prior. Anytime the 66-year-old legend left his jambandy solo work for a Zeppelin song with his still-strong voice, the venue sung every word.

4. Sasquatch! is for lovers … and fighters
The general “love” was in the air for most of the festival — couples making out in the grass, or holding each other while swaying to the music (also a discovery of multiple pairs of underwear in a porta-potty). But there were also the unfortunate bursts of outrage that made passers-by incredibly uncomfortable. Girlfriends drunkenly yelling at boyfriends, “You don’t respect me! Do you know everything I do for you?” It makes a person wonder if Sasquatch! is a place for the single or those who left their significant other at home.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

What to know about the Gorge Amphitheatre summer concert series

Posted By on Wed, May 20, 2015 at 4:41 PM

  • Nick Gast

The view at the Gorge Amphitheatre will take your breath away. And this year, the venue’s summer concert lineup also attempts to do just that. Here is the complete list of the shows coming through this week and into September. 

May 22-24: Sasquatch! Music Festival
This event (so incredible it even includes an exclamation point in its name) kicks off this weekend. Check out our preview here. 

June 20: Nickleback

“Oh my God, Nickleback!!” ...

June 26-27:  Paradiso Festival
The full EDM lineup for this extremely colorful festival was just announced. The kids are excited!

July 11: Zac Brown Band
The country act was just at the Spokane Arena at the end of 2013, but surely the faithful will still make the trek out there.

July 25: Train
Hey soul sister these dudes were just at Northern Quest Resort & Casino last year so …

July 31: Watershed Festival
This country yahoo festival is already sold out.

Aug 8: Sam Smith
Sam Smith is so hot right now, after just winning a bunch of Billboard Music Awards and Grammys. 

Sept. 4 – 6: Dave Matthews Band
Back for the 20th time is the Dave Matthews Band.

Sept. 12: Foo Fighters
This show will be spectacular. Too bad they’re not coming through the Spokane Arena as well.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

TUESDAY TASTE: Sample new Faith No More, Brandon Flowers and OITNB

Posted By on Tue, May 19, 2015 at 1:31 PM

Every week we dive into the new releases in music and home video to help you decide how to spend your hard-earned dollars, and offer up samples for you along the way. It's Tuesday Taste. Let's do it: 


FAITH NO MORE, Sol Invictus. The aggro-rock crew is back with its first album since 1997, and it's like they haven't missed a step. Mike Patton is one of the best vocalists in the biz, whether crooning something sweet or screaming like he's going to pop a lung, and the band remains furiously diverse in its tastes. They headline at Bumbershoot this year, so you have plenty of time to get reacquainted and dig the new stuff, like this live version of "Superhero" from a recent record store appearance: 

THEE OH SEES, Mutilator Defeated At Last
. This crew, originally from San Francisco, defies easy labels, delving into folk, pop, garage-rock and psychedelia at various points in their tunes. Now relocated to LA, the music on their latest is some of their best. Here's a sample, a song called "Web": 

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CONCERT REVIEW: English Beat's sold-out Bartlett show was a sweaty, ska-filled good time

Posted By on Tue, May 19, 2015 at 11:31 AM

  • Dan Nailen

The Bartlett turned into a non-stop dance party Monday night from the opening notes of the English Beat, and given the average age of the folks in the crowd, I'm sure several of the fans on hand were reaching for the Advil this morning — I sure was — and not just because of downing a few too many pints. 

The ska rhythms created by long-time leader Dave Wakeling and his five backing musicians were so insistent that resistance to the Beat was futile, and as soon as the band launched into "Rough Rider," arms and feet were flying as the band and fans both worked to recapture some of the magic the English Beat introduced to the world as 2-Tone revivalists in the early '80s. 

There were a few bumps early on as Wakeling and Co. got used to the small stage and dealt with some echo-y sound that inspired Wakeling to say the first song sounded like a Lee "Scratch" Perry remix in his monitor. That issue quickly fixed by the sound guys, the Beat was off and running through a joyous set, the intimate venue only adding to the fun. After "Tears of a Clown," Wakeling compared the Bartlett to the Cavern Club, the legendary German basement venue where the Beatles honed their chops before going on to world domination, suggesting that maybe the band would follow the Fab Four's lead and "play eight sets." 

I doubt anyone would have complained, although it was hard enough keeping up with the band for the nearly two hours they actually did spend on stage, ripping through classics like "Hands Off She's Mine," "Twist & Crawl" and "I Confess." With toaster King Schaschas harmonizing and rapping alongside in the role made famous by Ranking Roger in the original lineup, Wakeling led the way with his trademark teardrop-shaped guitar, kicking off each tune with the jangling chords that made the English Beat post-punk stars oh-so-long ago.

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Friday, May 15, 2015

THIS WEEKEND IN MUSIC: Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Itchy Kitty

Posted By on Fri, May 15, 2015 at 11:55 AM

One question before we get into the goods happening this weekend: Have you bought your ticket for Volume yet?

OK, now we can proceed. 

Do not look up the term “itchy kitty” on Urban Dictionary. Do, however, check out Spokane’s self-described “pussy punk” band Itchy Kitty. The female duo (Bassslut Nom/Naomi Eisenbrey and Frontbitch Ami/Ami Elston) — featuring a backing drummer — play guitar and bass on stage while hissing, moaning and meowing into their microphones. They swear like sailors at the audience and talk about cats as much as possible. Their music is animalistic to the core, powerful and totally badass. It’s easy to see how this band could be misconstrued as corny, but they take their music quite seriously. It’s light-hearted punk that’s a hell of a good time to see live. Check them out tonight at Jones Radiator, along with Why Did Johnny Kill, at 8 pm.

As writer Dan Nailen suggests, you should definitely check out Jon Spencer Blues Explosion over at the Bartlett tonight. The three men in the act have never met a genre they didn’t gleefully tear into and destroy (in a good way!) during their two decades-plus together. Singer and guitarist Spencer brings the serious frontman attitude to JSBX’s live shows, and together with drummer Russell Simins and guitarist Judah Bauer, he turns every show into a sweat-drenched dance party that everyone from metalheads to indie-rock snobs can love. Hear them along with We Are Hex at the all-ages venue starting at 8 pm.


We’re hoping for glorious weather this weekend. If that happens go ahead and make the drive down to Moscow’s John’s Alley to hear the glorious funk/rock/African tunes of Simba and the Exceptional Africans. That show starts at 9:30 pm. Stop and get a beer at Paradise Creek Brewery in Pullman before you go.

Sundays are always fantastic days to have your face melted off. That’s why you’ll want to head over to the Big Dipper this Sunday to see heavy metal acts Losing Skin, the Helm and East Sherman. This is especially a treat as Spokane act Losing Skin hasn't played locally in six months and Tacoma's the Helm hasn't been here in six years. The evening will be the perfect way to blow some steam before headed into the workweek. The all-ages show begins at 8 pm and is $5.

Old-school ska band The English Beat brings their searing brand of sociopolitical commentary to the Bartlett Monday night,  Read this week’s story on the act here. The all-ages show starts at 8 pm and is $35. This show is huge! 

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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Festival at Sandpoint 2015 lineup is here, kicks off Aug. 6

Posted By on Thu, May 14, 2015 at 11:14 AM

Wilco is headlining! Wilco is headlining!
  • Wilco is headlining! Wilco is headlining!

Each year, the Festival at Sandpoint continues to bring out increasingly cool acts to the small lakeside town. Two years ago, the Avett Brothers rolled through, last year was The Head & the Heart and this summer, for the 33rd season, Wilco is coming. Yes, one of indie-rock's best takes to Memorial Field with a set that's sure to last well into the evening.

Other lineup acts to get excited about are Minnesota-based banjo lovers Trampled By Turtles and soul-rockers Lake Street Dive out of Boston. 

Yet the concert series has never forgotten its roots. As always, the lineup melds national touring acts with local and regional talent. The family and grand finale concerts, featuring the Spokane Symphony and the Sandpoint Community Orchestra, are still here, too.

The 2015 summer concert lineup is:

AUG 6 – Arlo Guthrie with Jonatha Brooke

AUG 7 – Ziggy Marley with Maw Band

AUG 8 – Vince Gill with the Barefoot Movement and Troy Bullock

AUG 9 – Family Concert feat. the Sandpoint Community Orchestra

AUG 13 – Lake Street Dive with the Ballroom Thieves

AUG 14 – The Devil Makes Three and Trampled by Turtles

AUG 15 – Wilco with Vetiver and Owen & McCoy

AUG 16 – Grand Finale feat. the Spokane Symphony

Prices range from $37 to $60 depending on the show, and are on sale now. The family concert is just $6 per person. Learn more at
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