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Mike's Old Fashioned Donuts does sugar justice.


Mike's Old Fashioned Donuts, 9219 E. Sprague Ave., Spokane Valley

If you haven't been, and you really should, there's a schedule at Mike's. Certain donuts come out of the fryer at certain times. The Persians and the raised glazed come out last, at 8:45 am. Before that, it's a parade of sweet, fried dough — bars and fritter piles and cakes and filled donuts and, yes, old fashioneds. And that's what you need to get when you come to Mike's. An old fashioned. It's in the name after all. Not to mention they're the best donut to ever grace this fat-and-sugar-craving Earth, as everyone knows. The party begins at 6 am. (ND)


La Plaza de Mexico, 9420 E. Sprague Ave., Spokane Valley

The fried jalapeño at La Plaza de Mexico is the kind of appetizer you want to share. Four of these fiery little fried peppers are quite a lot for one tongue to absorb (definitely ask for a side of crema). But like all the dishes at La Plaza de Mexico, they're packed with flavor, well-priced and delivered quickly to your table, making it obvious why this nearly 10-year-old Mexican restaurant is a hands-down Valley favorite. (CSz)


The Flying Goat, 3318 W. Northwest Blvd., Spokane

An egg is a perfect thing. A meal unto itself. An ovoid symbolizing life and fertility. Heavenly, even when it's deviled. The Flying Goat doesn't curse its stuffed eggs with the mark of the beast, but the Rockwell pickled eggs will send you to cloud nine. The briny yolk does bring the heat — thanks to pepperoncini, garlic and peppercorns — but you'll still be left wanting more. And at $3, heck, go full Cool Hand Luke and eat as many as you possibly can. (ND)

TASTY BUNS $3.99 each

Tasty Bun, 829 E. Boone Ave.

You know that saying, good things come in small packages? Well, there's maybe never been a better example of this, foodwise, than steaming hot bao buns, which Tasty Bun in the Logan neighborhood specializes in. While these soft, white dough pockets are of Chinese origin, Tasty Bun uses the vessels for a culinary world tour, offering fillings like Japanese chicken curry, Swedish meatball, a classic American breakfast, spicy pork, and a vegan-friendly veggie filling. Get your buns on the go, or order in bulk to take home (buy 10, get two free) and reheat, as this takeout dish doesn't mind hanging out in the fridge for a day or two. (CS)


BRGR House, 411 N. Nettleton St.

This petite slider is a chef's take on a smash burger, but it punches above its weight. The 2-ounce patty, smashed until crispy on a wood-fueled Argentinian grill, is topped with American cheese, a pickle and the inhouse secret "BRGR sauce." Grab a couple for yourself, an extra for your date who says they aren't hungry, or buy a whole bag at a discounted price and be the hero of your next party. Who says fun doesn't come in small (and cheap!) packages? (EB)

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