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CAT FRIDAY: Gifts for your cat(s)

Because Christmas is the best excuse to buy your cat stuff it doesn't need!

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Any devoted cat person understands that buying Christmas gifts for your feline companions is a seriously important task. Just because your cat(s) has everything it needs and more doesn't mean a gift is unnecessary. What do you get the cat that has everything?


Everyone knows cats spend more time each day sleeping than awake. And especially here in the Inland Northwest where it can get pretty chilly out in winter, kitties are going to seek out the warmest sleeping spots they can find — on top of the dryer, in front of the fireplace/heat ducts, on your clean laundry. Give your kitty the ultimate nap spot in the form of this hand-felted wool cat cocoon, which cradles your kitty like a pet bed and because of its enclosed design stays warm inside from their own body heat. Besides, every cat person knows cats love a cozy hideaway. $59, Vaivanat Etsy shop


Just like some humans, cats like to get high every once and a while, too, but via their own form of the "green stuff" — catnip. This marijuana leaf-shaped, organic catnip toy is the ultimate irony. It should also be a great conversation starter when your fellow cat friends (or stoner friends) come over and see it on the ground, or your cat writhing around with the 7-pointed leaf between its teeth, eyes black and dilated. $5.50, BrumbysYarns Etsy shop


Yes, a lot of these gift items I'm recommending are from Etsy shops, but seriously — Etsy is the place for cat lovers to get really cool handmade items that you're just not going to find in stores (unless it's a trendy, locally-owned pet boutique.) Case in point: this completely silly yet adorable-as-all-get-out cat hoodie. Maybe your cat won't let you dress it up in pointless outfits, but if it does like to get fashionable every once and a while, this hipster-esque hoodie is the purr-fect choice. I mean, just look at how badass this model cat looks! If hoodies aren't your cat's thing, there are tons of other cat clothing choices (for dogs too!) at this shop. $19.95-$24.95, sizes XXS-M, RockinDogs Etsy shop 


So your cat(s) is stuck home alone all day while you're at work/school, with no one to snuggle with (unless it has feline brothers/sisters). Plus, the house gets kind of chilly during the day while you're gone, because why keep it super warm when no one's home? This is the perfect example of why getting your kitty a Snuggle Safe microwavable pet bed is a great idea this Christmas. Pop this non-electric heat disc in the microwave for a few minutes before you leave in the morning, and then stick it under a blanket in kitty's favorite sleeping spot. The disc radiates cozy warmth for up to 10 hours. It's a godsend for elderly pets, or newborn kittens (for all you bottle-baby fosterers out there). $30,


While many cats won't tolerate wearing a kitty-sized hooded sweatshirt, hopefully there are more felines brave enough to don this goofy cat hat, even just to appease their owners for at least one photo attempt. For such occasions, this hand-knitted, festive antler hat is a must-have. It's perfect for family holiday photos in front of the tree, though it's getting a little late for that (better late than never, right?). The BitchKnits Etsy shop has many other equally awesome cat hats, and with the conveniently designed ear holes to keep kitty more comfortable, it may also barely pass as acceptable with a hat-scoffing cat, too. $16, BitchKnits Etsy shop

Meowy Cat-mas!

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