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Inlander debate party tonight, Spokane police chief named today and more headlines

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click to enlarge Inlander debate party tonight, Spokane police chief named today and more headlines
Derrick King illustration
Things may be bad now, but at least there's no JibJab cartoon.


I'm pitching a gritty modern reboot called "Vape Signals"
This Friday, Sherman Alexie will joined the cast members of the movie he penned, Smoke Signals.
Every time the future of the Republic looks doomed, take a drink 
Tonight, starting at 5 pm, join Inlander reporters and the hoi polloi of Spokane at nYne to watch Hillary Clinton fight for the presidency up against... wait a minute... this can't be right... Donald J. Trump?! 

When Ginger closes a door she opens a Window Dressing
Letting artsy-fartsy businesses have vacant properties until they're ready to rent? Why, that's a great idea.  

Parton: The Interruption
Our award-winning music critic Laura Johnson reviews the Dolly Parton show.

AP for you, AP for me

To what extent has the influence of cultural policy, academic innovations and expanded access contributed to the rise of diversity of those who take Advanced Placement tests at Spokane Public Schools? Show your work, and feel free to use charts and diagrams. 


This is what it sounds like when govs lie

Are you ready for the big debate tonight? I speak, of course, of Jay "Dr. J" Inslee vs. Bill "Bry-Bry" Bryant. It's about to get downright gubernatorial up in here. (Spokesman-Review)

Let's deja vu like we used to
Another Monday, another police chief announcement from David Condon. Is it going to be the same guy he picked a few weeks ago? (KXLY)

Another Washington State mass shooting
Five people were shot dead in a mall north of Seattle this weekend. Here's how Spokane law enforcement is preparing for such an event. (Spokesman-Review)


Don't want to alarm you, but the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy  cover now clearly reads "Panic!"
If you're anti-Trump, right about now is the time to be really, really worried. (NY Mag)

Artful Dodgers
You've got questions, they've got answers that in no way attempts to answer the question. Take this quiz to see if you can guess how Trump and Clinton prefer to dodge questions
(New York Times)

Beck's Call  
Glenn Beck realizes that maybe this Ted Cruz guy isn't making decisions entirely based on his own unwavering moral principles

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