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  • Apr 4-10, 2002
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    Late-Night Woes -- Regarding the (lack of) late-night dining options on weekdays in Spokane, as mentioned in The Inlander's Buzz Bin on March 28: I, too, take my late nights seriously. One would think the dearth of late-night dining opti
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  • Nostalgic for Nat

    He was the second son of an Alabama preacher, raised amid the joints and dives on the south side of Chicago. He was the first performer of color to be promoted by record companies to a mainstream audience and the first with his own show
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  • Book Review - Everything's Eventual

    We really shouldn't expect surprises from Stephen King. After all, he's the man who's shocked readers with his early works of modern horror, like The Shining and Carrie, and overwhelmed them with more subtle psychological terrors in The
  • Local News
  • The Seinfeld Chronicles

    When Seinfeld debuted in July 1989, who could have known that the unassuming little sitcom about a standup comedian (the show's creator, Jerry Seinfeld) and his neurotic New Yorker pals would have become the television phenomenon of the '90
  • Local News
  • The River Flows On

    Life along the river has a flavor and vitality all its own. The RiverWalk area near Trent and Hamilton is experiencing a renewal that may have something to do with the adjacent Spokane River. "The river is integral to Thai culture and l
  • Local News
  • A New Plan for Forests

    The 2003 budget released by the Bush administration in February proposes a new concept for the Forest Service called "charter forests." They would be run "as separate entities, outside of the existing structure and reporting to a local t
  • Local News
  • Opening Films

    Big Trouble -- Wildly uneven and just too chock-full of storytelling, the tale of goofy people and a nuclear warhead all coming together in Miami is fast-paced and very funny, until you need to take a breath instead of laughing at yet another gag. Stanley
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  • A Diet for All Reasons

    I'm passionate about what I say," Ann Louise Gittleman declares. "I'm just as anxious as my readers to stay trim and healthy." The author of 16 best-selling books and recently named one of America's top 10 nutritionists by Self magazine
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  • Seins of Life

    Just who is Jerry Seinfeld? The self-absorbed neat freak we know and love from his "Must-see TV" series? Or is there (as we suspect) something more to Jerry Jerry Dingleberry, the master of the mundane, the Once and Future King of Comed
  • Local News
  • Fresh Picks

    One doesn't have to be a vegetarian to appreciate Mizuna's inventive, fresh cuisine and cozy, intimate atmosphere. The restaurant began serving fish a little more than a year ago due to customers' requests. Entrees include your choice of a house sa
  • Local News
  • Recently Reviewed

    The aptly named Chef in the Forest is like a big lake cabin, with all the quirks and charms that might present. The dining room has a beautiful view of Hauser Lake. The menu relies on tried-and-true classics, and entrees include a choic
  • Local News
  • DVD Review -- The Evil Dead

    Director Sam Raimi resurrected more than ancient demons in this 1982 low-budget cult fave -- he breathed new life into the horror genre as well. And though much of what would follow in the wake of the film's success would be derivative, br
  • Local News
  • Best Actor to Play Eugster

    BEST ACTOR TO PLAY STEVE EUGSTER - Pee Wee Herman - Can't you just see it? -- Steve Eugster in red lipstick, a tight gray suit, a teensy bow tie and gleaming white shoes, chirping happily through his Big Adventure, squeaking in that little voice at City Co
  • Local News
  • The Blanket Primary, Let it Die

    Federal judge Franklin Burgess has sustained, for now, the "blanket primary," Washington State's 60-year-old process of nominating candidates for office wherein voters can cross party lines with impunity. His opinion was hailed by Secreta
  • Local News
  • Pilgrim's Progress

    It comes as no surprise that Kathleen Norris's newest book contains many of the elements -- the terra firma of geographical place, the broad blue sweep of spiritual belief, the shadowed mysteries of religious community -- that made her earlie
  • Local News
  • Buzz Bin

    Word on the Street -- If there's one thing we can say about putting together the 100-page, work-all-weekend, write-until-your-brains-are-goo paper behemoth known as "Best of the Inland Northwest," it's that we always walk away having lear
  • Local News
  • Barry Bad Things

    For as many laughs as this long-delayed picture gives -- and they are considerable in number -- there are almost as many problems. But that second part is not the fault of the director or the team of screenwriters or the actors. That blame must


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  • In Brief

    Protesters Winning -- SANDPOINT, Idaho -- The Rock Creek Alliance, in coalition with five other environmental groups, seems to have won a skirmish in its battle against the proposed Rock Creek Mine. On Thursday, the United States Fish and
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  • Saxophone Superman

    CHRIS MOYER wears so many hats that most of us, under similar weight, would buckle, succumbing finally to various spinal injuries. Yet Moyer seems to thrive. The Spokane musician is a woodwind instrumentalist, accomplished on saxophone, c
  • Opinion
  • Choosing Wisely

    The Bible does not condemn abortion. Now there's a statement that should get most people's attention. Neither does Hinduism, regardless of its fundamental belief in reincarnation. Even Buddhism allows for abortion under some conditions.
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  • CD Review - Indigo Girls

    Ever since 1994's Swamp Ophelia, the Indigo Girls, the pride of Atlanta, Ga., have been on some kind of musical journey. That point marks their departure from being an acoustic guitar duo known for memorable tunes and seamless harm
  • Opinion
  • Cat and Mouse

    It's almost as if they're reading from a script, these adult men seeking 13-year-old sex partners on Internet chat rooms. Their opening line: Are you a virgin? Yes, the girl replies. She's shy, but willing to respond, sharing secrets v
  • Opinion
  • Avista, Yes; Sierra Pacific, No

    Last year's volatile energy market impacted not only Avista Utilities here in Spokane, but utility companies across the nation -- especially in the West. Just like Avista, many are currently asking for rate hikes or other legislative bailo


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