Inlander election coverage: (Almost) everything we've written about Election 2018

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We've been busy this year.

Since 2017, the Inlander has been cranking stories about the upcoming midterm elections. They are, perhaps, the most consequential midterm elections in a generation, and definitely the most important since at least 2002. 

Below, we have listed dozens of the top Election 2018 stories that appeared in print and on Don't feel bad if you don't read all of them before tomorrow's election. There's a lot.

The best part is that if you're reading this before Nov. 6, you still have time to read up before you vote.


Spokane County

"Four candidates vying for two Spokane County Commission seats," plus candidates for Spokane County treasurer. We also detail the school district bond and public library bond on the ballot.

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Young Kwak
Spokane County Commissioner Al French halted Todd Mielke's march toward the position of County CEO.
Criminal justice will be a major concern for the Spokane County Board of Commissioners. "Between the Sheriff's Office, detention services and the courts, public safety makes up 75 percent of the county budget's general fund expenditures." We interview the commission candidates on their positions and experience.
In an unprecedented move, Avista spent $200,000 on ads supporting Spokane County Commissioners Al French and Mary Kuney.

Al French was losing pretty badly in the primary election, which is a district-only vote. He's also been fighting to prevent the general election from ever becoming a district-only vote, too.

Candidate for Spokane County Sheriff, Scott Maclay, who changed his name to DumpOzzie Dot Com, died in a motorcycle accident.

Michael Baumgartner announces that he will run for Spokane County treasurer.

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Young Kwak
Joe Albi Stadium rarely has a big crowd.

Spokane mayoral adviser Rick Romero details why it would make sense to replace Joe Albi Stadium at a location downtown

The idea for a new downtown stadium looked dead. Here's how it was revived.

Spokane Public Schools asks the city to take on extra costs in a downtown stadium bond proposal.



Democrats in red districts across the country say they won't support Nancy Pelosi for House speaker if they win a majority. But Lisa Brown isn't set on a decision yet.

Someone with a Russian IP address tried to break into Fuse Washington's website after the organization released a secret recording to the Rachel Maddow Show.

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Young Kwak
What would a comprehensive immigration bill designed by Lisa Brown look like? If she knows, so far, she isn't saying.
Is Cathy McMorris Rodgers' Democratic challenger Lisa Brown as liberal as everyone says she is? Or would she strike a more moderate tone if elected?

Once a deficit hawk, Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers now condemns her opponent Lisa Brown for making budget cuts while in the state Legislature.

We asked McMorris Rodgers and Brown to both place themselves on a political quadrant. We analyze the results.

Cathy McMorris Rodgers was at a loss when we asked her what she would have cut from the state's budget during the recession if she were in Lisa Brown's shoes.

Washington's economy is doing great — except for three counties north of Spokane. We talk to Cathy McMorris Rodgers and Lisa Brown about what they would change.

Cathy McMorris Rodgers cited one of our articles in an attack ad... although her staff appeared to have doctored it to remove some criticism.

We ask why Cathy McMorris Rodgers says she signed a controversial 2015 immigration initiative, Proposition 1.

As it turns out, budget cuts in the state Legislature while Lisa Brown was Senate majority leader led to higher college tuition.

Trump lied about Stormy Daniels, but Cathy McMorris Rodgers says she still supports him.

Cathy McMorris Rodgers released attack ads that seemed to suggest Lisa Brown wanted sex offenders back on the street. She later said she regretted the tone of the ads.

Activists rally outside of Cathy McMorris Rodgers' office in support of immigrants. Many of them are on the ground, supporting the immigrants currently in the states.

Besides condemning Trump, Lisa Brown's immigration views are vague.

Christian voters face a moral test as the impacts of President Trump's family-separation policy are revealed.

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Young Kwak
Cathy McMorris Rodgers
How has Cathy McMorris Rodgers' faith influenced her response to Trump?

Cathy McMorris Rodgers hasn't taken the Russia investigation into the 2016 election very seriously.

Cathy McMorris Rodgers says that Donald Trump should release his tax returns.

Lisa Brown hopes that anti-Trump enthusiasm will help her win the 5th District.

How can Cathy McMorris Rodgers portray the GOP as the party of compassion when it's led by Trump?

Cathy McMorris Rodgers and Lisa Brown both agree that the president's tariffs are bad for Washington. Would they try to stop them?

Democrats might actually have a shot at Cathy McMorris Rodgers' 5th District seat.


How a conservative activist has used the state's loose political advertising rules to deceive progressive voters in Washington's 6th legislative district.

We examine the candidates who are looking to shape policy in Olympia,  and we also recap the four voter initiatives. Plus, a quick look at the U.S. Senate race between Maria Cantwell (Democrat) and Susan Hutchison (Republican).

The 6th District has always been close. 2018 is no different.

6th District candidate Jenny Graham has a number of reasons why she thinks Washington state should have the death penalty. A big one is her sister, who was murdered by the Green River Killer.

District 3 Rep. Timm Ormsby has never debated in public before. His opponent, Dave Lucas, wants to change that.

Spokane Valley Rep. Matt Shea falsely claimed an endorsement from the Spokane County Deputy Sheriff's Association.

Election night looked so good for Democrats during the primaries... until more of the votes were tallied.

Spokane Democrats learn how to be happy with some big leads during during the primary election.

A judge rejected lawmakers' unusual effort to change Washington's law on police use of deadly force.

Will the Washington Legislature ever be willing to play by the same public records rules as a city council or mayor's office?


Big Oil has pumped $26 million into defeating Initiative 1631, which would create a carbon fee. No on 1631 is the most expensive campaign in state history.

Scientists urge Washington voters to pass Initiative 1631 after a doom-and-gloom report from the U.N.

Washington state would be the first to implement a carbon fee if voters approve Initiative 1631.

The state Supreme Court struck down a law that would make it easier for prosecutors to charge police in deadly use-of-force cases. Instead, the law would go to voters as Initiative 940.



Brad Little
 is a steady choice for governor deep-red Idaho, but Democrat Paulette Jordan has the state's progressives excited.

After the primaries, it appears that Paulette Jordan and Brad Little will compete for the governor's office.

We take a look at the top three Republican contenders for Idaho governor.

Idaho Democrats are hoping to build momentum in the gubernatorial primary for the future.

We look at the top three Democratic contenders for Idaho governor.


We look at who is the "most pure and pragmatic Republican" candidate for Idaho's 1st Congressional seat.

Idaho 1st Congressional District primary winner Russ Fulcher says Trump is a "jerk," but if elected, he can speak his language.

Kootenai County GOP rejects Yemen resolution; Rep. Raúl Labrador joins Yemen war skeptics.

Before he ran for Congress, Idaho's Raúl Labrador argued in favor of the DREAM Act to protect children of illegal immigrants. Times have changed.


We take a look at some of Idaho's legislative candidates looking to head to Boise. Plus, a recap of Idaho's voter initiatives, 1st Congressional District and gubernatorial candidates.


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Bryn Ballenger, one of the 62,000 Idahoans stuck in the Medicaid gap (in the center with the trucker hat), attends a Medicaid for All kickoff event in Sandpoint.|
Idaho Gov. Butch Otter endorses Medicaid expansion.

Proposition 2 is on Idaho's ballot, and the possibility of the state finally expanding Medicaid is very real.

Here's how little "historical horse racing machines" have to do with historical horse racing.

If you ask Idahoans, they say they want broader health care coverage in the state — but not if you mention Obamacare.


Almost 10 percent of Spokane voters are marked as "inactive" as of Oct. 26. And 34,285 voters is no small number.

Brian Standow reveals to the Inlander the amount of discord within the ranks of the local GOP.

Jered Bonneau was hoping to get an endorsement from Matt Shea in his challenge against Cathy McMorris Rodgers. But McMorris Rodgers managed to get it instead.

Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich is not surprised that the Spokane GOP's more fringe elements hosted a white supremacist at one of its events.

We interviewed two candidates who were formerly homeless about how it shaped their ideas on government.

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James Allsup
Spokane GOP hosted white supremacist James Allsup at one of its movie nights, who accused the media of "label lynching" him as a racist.

How do you fight the alt-right without playing right into their hands? Left-wing Spokane groups grapple with the question.

We looked at 47 ways to reduce gun violence.

State Sen. Billig's "dark money" bill would root out secret big money donors in Washington elections

How the campus culture wars in the age of Trump and Twitter have reached a fever pitch at Washington State University — and everywhere else.

We interviewed conservative pundit Ben Shapiro about the rise of the alt-right on college campuses.

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