Summer Guidance: Lupe Camargo

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Eat spicy food and drink horchata to cool down this summer.

Looking for ways to spice up or cool off your summer? Here's some advice from Lupe Camargo, owner of two local food trucks: Tacos Camargo and Camargo's Shaved Ice. (ELIZA BILLINGHAM)

What is your favorite summertime activity?

Probably going to the park in the sun and barbecuing. We always go to Riverfront Park or to Mission Park.

What is your favorite food to eat when you're hot?

Carne Asada! It's Mexican-style skirt steak on the grill. It's pretty refreshing. You have that with some nice cold homemade horchata and it's delicious.

Why is food out of a truck so much more fun than food in a restaurant?

I think it's just because the choices are fresh — it's fresh because it's got to be made that day. So, you know, it's good quality. We know that for sure. And then just, I don't know why, but people enjoy standing in line and choosing what they want and getting it from us. It's quick and usually it's in a park or somewhere nice where they can sit under a nice tree, enjoy the fresh air and just eat their food.

Is spicy food still good when it's hot outside?

It is! I mean, a nice little kick and then a nice big gulp of ice cold horchata or ice cold Mexican Coca-Cola. It's still delicious. It's like a good wine with a good meal. You pair it and it's delicious.

And is Mexican Coca-Cola better than American Coke?

It is, because it's made with real sugar. It's 100 percent real sugar. It's really catching on in the United States. A lot of my customers actually usually ask us more for Mexican Coke than American Coke. ♦

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